Step 2: Basic Gameplay

Mancala is really an easy game to play.

Players decide who goes first using whatever method they want; Rock-Paper-Scissors, coin flip, loser-of-last-game-goes-first, whatever.

During a turn, a player grabs all of the stones in a hole on their side and drops them, one by one, in succeeding holes in a counter-clockwise direction. Players MAY place stones in their own mancala (it counts as a hole), but they MUST skip over their opponent's mancala. Players MAY place stones in holes on their opponent's side. This continues until the player has no more stones in his hand. It is then their opponents turn.*

*See exceptions in step 4.

Really sorry guys, the image notes aren't working on my computer right now, so sorry if the pictures are a little hard to understand.
Here are the instructions.
The one we play came with these instructions, basically play clockwise, everything else the same as you mentioned. Makes for a much different game play and strategy.
<p>FYI, the 'mancalas' are also called stores in other rule sets</p>
<p>when you say ''you take all of the stones in the hole directly above'' this is your opponent's side hole, right?</p>
<p>hello,I have a mandala board that has 2 rows of 8 holes but no elongated mancalas,should I just use the last couple of holes on either side as mancals?Also there are 4 stones for each hole(including the end ones)plus two more,are they spares?I am not sure if its a different version,I think it was bought in Africa as a souvenir. Hope I am not too confusing.P.S your instructable was very good</p>
<p>&quot;why r u reading the key words?&quot;lol</p>
its pretty cool that this is posted My wife found this game at a yard sale today with no instructions and we were confused as to how to play. thanks for the help
:) Glad you liked it, it makes me feel good to have three comments already! Btw thanks for voting (I think it's you, since you said thanks. It might be bumpus or Chefboy6382)
<p>I am so glad to find the instructions since it had been 50+ years since I learned how to play then another 15 years since I taught my grandchildren how to play. My game also no instructions since so old I play it on Friday afternoons with my special education students in my class next still picked up a few tips from u up right away blessing</p>
<p>i learned a lot from this useful article and I am happy....I used to play this game when I wa only 4 years old.?❤️?</p>
I got this game because I used to play in Elementary school, It was my favorite!! Still is!! &lt;3 Your instruction's has once again taught me how to RULE at this game!! Thanks (:
i before know how to play it now i forgot how to
I learned to play Mancala when I was little, but I learned a different way, I'm not sure if they missed a step, or I forgot it, or if it's a different version, but Mancala is still my favorite game. :)
I learned Mancala many years ago and have played different games online, on my Mac and iPad and I think you forgot a step. If my stones end in a empty pocket on my side and the opposite side has stones my and all his go to my mancala. <br>Enjoy!
LOL, ty, ive had a set that came with no instructions, that helped alot
<em>Player 2 is the first to empty his side, so his opponent puts all the remaining stones on <strong>his</strong> side in <strong>his</strong> mancala</em><br/><br/>Is <strong>his</strong> here Player 1 or Player 2?<br/>
His is player 1<br />
I PWN at Mancala!
You should play against me sometime then >:D
What do you mean play against you... I would DOMINATE against you! :D
I thought you said you PWN, not DOMINATE.
I shall do both...
thats cool...PWN is the most awesomely awesome thing ever
Heaps good ible, i used to try and play this game on those 3310 fones or wateva (its called bantumi) n i never got it, then my friend tought me a while back, its pretty fun, although in step three when u are explaining winners u say that player 2 wins because they have 27 and player 2 loses coz only 21, hehe u say player 2 twice
Ah, Mancala. The memories this game brings back to me! Cheers!
Up next: Chess!
Thank you VERY much. I love Mancala and forgot how to play it. Great instructable.

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