Step 4: Preparing the software configuration

Picture of Preparing the software configuration
Finally, let's set everything up to do our bidding. First off is GlovePIE.

Open GlovePIE. Click File->New. Copy the following code into the window:

Nunchuck Stick - Up, Down, Left, Right
Nunchuck Flick Up - Jump
C - Buff 1
Z - Buff 2

Wiimote Flick Horizontally - Attack
Wiimote Flick Horizontally+A - Spell 1
Wiimote Flick Horizontally+B - Spell 2

Plus - Spell 3
Minus - Spell 4

D-Pad Up - Item 1
D-Pad Right - Item 2
D-Pad Left - Item 3
D=Pad Down - Item 4

Home+Nunchuck Tilt - Mouse Movement
1 - Left Mouse Click
2 - Right Mouse Click

//Map Nunchuck stick digitals 0,1,2,3
PPJoy.Digital0=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX < -0.2
PPJoy.Digital1=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyX > 0.2
PPJoy.Digital2=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY < -0.2
PPJoy.Digital3=Wiimote.Nunchuk.JoyY > 0.2
//c and z to digital4,5
//Plus Digital 6, Minus Digital 7
//D-Pad Up, Down, Left, Right, Digital 8,9,10,11
//If Home then Nunchuck tilt=Analog 0,1
if (Wiimote.Home) then
//Map Nunchuck flick up to Digital0
//1 digital 12, 2 digital 13
//Wiimote flick horizontally to Digital 14, a+flick Digital 15, b+flick Digital 16
if Wiimote.A then
if Wiimote.B then
if Wiimote.A==false&&Wiimote.B==false

Click File->Save and save the file as MapleStory.PIE.

Now, in GlovePIE, click CP-Settings->PPJoy. The PPJoy Joystick and Gamepad configuration Utility window should pop up. If you haven't already, add a Virtual joystick. More Found New Hardware wizards will appear. Do as before and let them install automatically. Once done, click on PPJoy Virtual joystick 1 then click the Mapping... button. Select Set A Custom Mapping and click Next. Select 2 axes and 18 buttons. Make sure Axis 1 is X Axis, and Axis 2 is Y Axis, then click Next. In the next page, make X Axis Analog0 and Y Axis Analog1, then click Next. In the next page make sure that buttons 1 through 16 are mapped to digitals 0 through 15, and click Next again. Finally, on the next page be sure that buttons 17 and 18 are mapped to digitals 16 and 17. Click Next, then Finish. Back in the PPJoy config window, click Done. PPJoy is now configured.

Next is JoyToKey. Now, you may be wondering why we're taking these extra steps using PPJoy and JoyToKey instead of simply mapping all the buttons in GlovePIE. The 'hack prevention system' called GameGuard that runs alongside many MMOGs including MapleStory blocks emulated inputs through GlovePIE, however it will allow JoyToKey. Now, onwards.

From GlovePIE, click CP-Settings->Joystick. Remember which joystick is the PPJoy joystick. If it is first in the list, then it is 1, if it is third, the it is joystick 3 in JoyToKey.

Now open JoyToKey. It should have already created your first configuration. Click Preferences on the far right. Set the number of joysticks to at least as many as your PPJoy is in the list. For example, if your PPJoy joystick is third in the list, make sure you have the number of joysticks in the JoyToKey preferences as 3 at least. Now click Joysticks on the far right, and click on the tab corresponding to the joystick number, e.x. Joystick 3, at the top of the JoyToKey window. All gamepad keys should be unmapped, and reading 'DISABLED'. Set the keys as follows:

Button 1 - Arrow - Left
Button 2 - Arrow - Right
Button 3 - Arrow - Up
Button 4 - Arrow - Down
Button 5 - Page Up
Button 6 - Page Down
Button 7 - Home
Button 8 - End
Button 9 - 1
Button 10 - 2
Button 11 - 3
Button 12 - 4
Button 13 - Leave Disabled for now
Button 14 - Leave Disabled for now
Button 15 - Insert
Button 16 - Delete
Button 17 - Control
Button 18 - Shift

Now minimize all applications.

Lastly, open up MapleStory. Log in and choose a server/channel/character. Once you're loaded on to a map move yourself someplace safe; to a town or on a safe ledge away from monsters. Go to the Key Config window. This is how I set up my keys. Feel free to change it around as you wish.

Attack - Ctrl
Jump - Shift

Item 1 - 1
Item 2 - 2
Item 3 - 3
Item 4 - 4

Main Spell 1 - Insert
Main Spell 2 - Delete

Buff Spell 1 - PageUp
Buff Spell 2 - PageDn

Other Spell 1 - Home
Other Spell 2 - End

Be sure to click OK when done.
bombmistro5 years ago
i love your tutorial so far but when i go in to choose ppjoy in glovepie nothing happens
same here
oh wait, go to step one, (ppjoy wasnt installed)