Step 2: Tip 1 - Fall better

Picture of Tip 1 - Fall better
"Fall better." I don't know where I came up with that, but that's what this tip is about. If you are falling down a cliff in N, you don't have to slide the whole way. If there is a slanted tile at the bottom, You need not slide at all, because the slant slows you enough. Even if there isn't a slant, you still don't have to slide the whole way. Just wait until the last second and hit the arrow in the direction of the wall you are falling past. Basically, only slide at the last moment. This way, everything gets a ton faster.
ent4746 years ago
You can wall jump at the last second too
ent474 ent4746 years ago
I'm not sure which is faster, so...
ultrauber (author)  ent4746 years ago
Yeah, but I'd rather slide.