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PSP-USB cable

Step 1: Getting everything ready

Picture of Getting everything ready
Ok, first you need to plug the psp-usb cable in to the psp and computer.
Now you need to go to settings on your psp and select usb mode.
jmanlad3 years ago
can you please help i dont have a game folder i only have MUSIC PHOTO SAVEDATA SCREENSHOT SYSTEM?
NickolasL jmanlad7 months ago

add a folder called GAME

Harryluke2 years ago
Do I have to hack my psp?
charrison72 years ago
when i try to boot up deadalus on my psp slim it says "The game could not be started (80020148)
jmanlad3 years ago
also i have a fat psp
TacoPie2 (author) 3 years ago
i don't know what's wrong phantom4 because i used a psp 3000 also
and i did not have cfw either
codongolev3 years ago
fun thing you could do with this: download the remotejoy application and play the game fullscreen on your computer.
TacoPie2 (author)  codongolev3 years ago
Wow i did not know about the remotejoy app
phantom43 years ago
its a psp 2000 so its hackibale
thanks for the advice

phantom43 years ago
it says that the data is corrupted is there any way around that.
you need cracked firmware to use this. search around for "how to hack a PSP" (and check that yours is hackable, it would be irritating to not know that and keep on trying).