How to play NoMusicForYou prank on your Mac!

Picture of How to play NoMusicForYou prank on your Mac!
I'll show you how.
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Step 1: Download

Download attached file and unzip
Pack.zip566 KB

Step 2: Install the Kernel Panic Screensaver

Picture of Install the Kernel Panic Screensaver
Just double click on KPSaver.saver and follow computer's instructions.
Then select KPSaver from the list of screensavers.
Uncheck the Show clock and check Only main screen.

Step 3: Copy

Picture of Copy
Copy from the zip to an "Applications" directory

Step 4: Rename and drag

Picture of Rename and drag
First, drag an original to a safe place.
Then rename to
Then drag the original iTunes icon out of dock, and then add the renamed file to a dock.
You're done!

Step 5: Now wait for your victim to try to launch iTunes!

The copied file will launch, say "NO! No music for you!", hide all apps and simulate a kernel panic.
Remember, a KPsaver? ;)
And also the fake kernel panic will be the screensaver. :)

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