How to Play "The Pillar of Autumn" on Legendary (Halo: Combat Evolved Gameplay).





Introduction: How to Play "The Pillar of Autumn" on Legendary (Halo: Combat Evolved Gameplay).

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    So I was playing on multiplayer, and this is what happens if you can beat legendary:


    Did you know that there's a mission in Reach by the same name? It's much harder, though.

    I've heard the campaign is the hardest in the entire halo series.

    Yes. Much harder. Don't even attempt legendary by yourself on the last couple missions, unless you are epicly beasty. I'm not that bad, and I have a hard time on Heroic on a couple missions. Oh, and get this: OK, in Halo 3, it was pretty much cheating with four people. Now, they scale the difficulty, so it isn't quite so easy. It's still easier, nut not by much.

    Don't you have ally Spartans with you the entire time?


    Yep. The part where Kat dies is cheap.

    I just saw that today, I'm surprised she didn't have shields.

    I know this is old, but...

    I think when the city was being glassed it took down all of their shields, seeing as how it was similar to a grenade explosion. Also, she had taken her helmet off if I remember correctly, so that probably was a factor too.

    Sorry, I tell myself this stuff to explain things I don't understand, I'm sure there's some explanation.

    And, where the hell is Jun?!