Step 2: Download the Wii iso to your usb device.

This next step explains how to load a Wii ISO to you usb device.

The first step is to get a Wii iso backup file. (I can't tell you where.)

Plug in your usb device in your computer . Click on the WBFS Manager 2.5 icon on your desktop. A new scree n will open. Use the drop-down tab under "Edit" in the upper left corner to choose your usb device drive letter.

(WARNING: Be very careful not to format your hard drive! Make sure you're drive number is right!)

Now click format to delete the contents on your USB device and change the format to WBFS.

(Note: You will not be able to use the USB drive only to store Wii isos because the computer operating system doesn't recognize the WBFS format).

After you're done formatting click the "Load button to load the contents of your USB device. It's empty.

Click the "Browse" button in the lower right corner to open a new window, locate your Wii ISO, click it, and click "Open" in the lower right corner.
It will take a few seconds to load. You should see it in the right half of the WBFS Manager window. Hover your mouse over it to see it's game cover.
Now click "Add to Device" to compress your Wii ISO and add it to your usb device.
It will take about 5 minutes to upload the file to a usb device.
After it's done, either close the program and take your usb device out of your computer and go to the next step, or add more games to your usb device.

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