Step 5: Using the USB loader channel and playing your games.

In this next step I will explain how to use your new Channel, and how you can play your games on it.

First, plug your usb device into your Wii usb slot and start the USB loader channel.

Here are the controls for the USB loader channel:

"+" button: Lets you install a game. (I haven't figured out how this works.)
"-" button: Lets you delete a game.
"A" button: Lets you select and start a game.
"B" button: Lets you go back to menu if you choose the wrong game.
"1" button: Forces the game to play in PAL mode.
"2" button: Forces the game to play in NTSC mode.

Next, use the left and right directional arrows to choose "USB mass storage device", and click A.

It will load all the games on your USB drive and if you downloaded the covers it will show you their cover. Use the up and down directional arrows and press "A" to choose your game. Press "A" again to load your game and press "A" one last time to play your game.

If you have any problems just ask it in the comments below.
sander3393 months ago

i have installed it correctly and the HBC sees the games on the HDD, but if i open a game and click on play, i see a black screen and the wii freezes. I have to disconnect the power cable and reattach it.

Can anyone help me with this?

MikeyB25 months ago

Yo, I hear the the WBFS manager has the option to download covers from the internet. This is not working... Am i supposed to use a .Png file? Or Something else?

I'm very confused...

shohamalh4 years ago
I don't know if Someone posted a commet about this but as far as I've seen noone did.
I've followed your guide and everything was good untill I've put the USB into the wii.
I've ran the loader and it asked run from USB/SD
I've clicked USB and it sais It needs partitioning.. I've clicked ok do it and it sais error..
it's probably because I've files in the USB but still... Ideas?

Thx in advanced!

prowan-14 years ago
Follow this - much better and it works..

b-rome5 years ago
Thanks for that sorry about the spelling, but still having problem it can't reconise my usb stick. I have used the WBFS manager 3.0 and 2.2, I have used both Ultimate USB loader v7 and the one you suggested think 1.5. On the first I get "ERROR could not initialize USB subsysten (ret -6)" and one the other i get  Mounting device please wait ERROR (ret -1)
I have this problem
HollowCandy4 years ago
Heya, i need some help if you'd be so kind.

I have a usb(2 gig) and two sd cards(one is 1gig, the other 8 gig.) i have all the files loaded, my wii already hacked, i have 2 different usb loaders, and dvd loader. i formated my usb and sd 8 gig to be able to play backed up wii games, and i even put the game on a dvd, but every single thing i do, i cant get my wii to detect a single drive.

If you could teach me how to fix this problem, or even just help me to get it working on a dvd, id be greatfull,

i format my drives to wbfs, and i convert the iso on to the drive. plug into wii, then its not detected, and i'm instructed to resart my wii.

Please help. i don't know what to do.
Devinology5 years ago
Hi there, nice guide.

I have finally got the usb loader program installed properly but it doesn't seem to be recognizing my WBFS formatted drives.  I have tried two different media players, one HDD based with a seperate partition on it that I formatted in WBFS, and one flash based with the whole thing formatted in WBFS.  I have also tried an external HDD (HP brand) that has one partition in NTFS and one partition in WBFS.  I do not have any SD cards or usb keys large enough to hold any games.  I know the HP HDD should work though, as many have got them to work.  What am I doing wrong?  USB loader 1.5 says it cannot find a WBFS partition.  I would I formatted it correctly and added the games correctly.  I am using Wii 3.4U firmware, with trucha bug restored (it needed to be restored for me to install usb loader properly in the first place.  Is the problem maybe that I need to have an HDD that is completely formatted in WBFS (one partition all in WBFS)?  I have other stuff on the HDD and I really only want about 100GB of it to be a WBFS partition.  Is 100GB partition too large?  Do I need to go out and get a larger USB key and use it only for this purpose?

I need help!
I am so close to geting this to work, I thought the hard drive part would be the easiest part.

Any help would be great.  I don't want to go buy another USB device for this if I can just use ones I have.
Again, the problem with everything I have tried is that usb loader 1.5 does not recognize the WBFS formatted usb devices.
okay, I have figured it out.
I have a few tips to get this going. 
You CAN use an HDD with multiple partitions, as long as one of them is in WBFS.  To do this you have to use a partitioning program (I used Partition magic 8) to change some free space on the HDD into a new partition.  Then you format the partition.  There are two things you MUST do when formatting if you want to be able to format into WBFS with the WBFS manager and have the Wii (USB loader) recognize the drive.  First, you must format the partition in FAT32 first.  Second, when you format in FAT32 make sure you make the partition a primary partition rather than a logical one.  The Wii will not recognize it unless it is primary.  After this you can format into WBFS with the WBFS manager.  Then you add the games using the manager, and then hook the HDD up to the Wii via USB.  USB loader should now recognize it.

DO NOT use the game ripping function (install game)  in USB loader.  it was not meant to be used with WBFS manager formatted drives (I don't think).  Well all I know is that I have tried it several times and it always seems to just mess up my drive and I have to do the whole process over again.
I think if you want to rip games from the Wii you can probably get it to work in USB loader by ripping to a different drive than the one you use to play games, and then maybe somehow transfer it over properly with WBFS manager using you computer.
If anyone figures out how to use this function I would be grateful.  For now I am just downloading the games I want, but the ripping function would be nice if it worked well (especially if it ripped directly into playable form on the HDD, which I believe it is supposed to).  I haven't looked into how to rip Wii games on a PC yet, but I am sure it isn't too hard.  I know the game ISOs I have downloaded say they have been "scrubbed", not sure what this means, something to do with beating copy protection I am sure. 

Also, I managed to get the inverted homebrew channel thing going on after patching my IOS36 to have the trucha bug, which I needed to do in order to get the IOS36rev10 patch to work.  I would kind of like to fix it, but now that I have games working from the HDD I almost don't want to mess with it, and it actually doesn't really affect the functionality of the homebrew channel or any of it's apps.  Just makes the menu a little tricky to navigate in order to select an app.  If anyone knows of a way that will fix it without messing up anything else I have done, please let me know.

Cheers, hope this helps someone.
b-rome5 years ago
Sorry again think i have mastered it now no more erorrs thank uve been a great help
b-rome5 years ago
when i open the WBFSproram and put in a memory card i format the card then go to browse and try to find the iso file from the disk it is blank and also when i try explore the disk through my computer it is also blank have tryed with original and back up games wot can i do
Solderguy (author)  b-rome5 years ago
First things first,I can't understand you because of your bad spelling and grammar. Secondly, you can't look at the contents of the USB stick when you format it to WBFS, you need to use WBFS manager. Thirdly, you can't look at the contents of a Wii disk using your computer because it is copy-protected. If you want to know how to extract a game from your Wii disk and save it to your computer you can check out my other instructable here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-extract-Wii-games-to-your-computer-using-a-/
Have a nice day. :P
adamjohn5 years ago
hi usb loader installed, playing backups superby from h/drive. but if i try to scroll down list of games in loader screen the program / wii crashes. can you help ?  thanks
Lexxicon6 years ago
I formatted a brand new 16 G USB Key but on Load keep getting Error -1 and only option is restart. It formatted it fine but can not read it. Any advice? I know it worked with a friends HDD but why not a USB key it formatted itself? Same problem for another 16 G Key I formatted on my Mac, which it recognised but can it get to load it (to install a game to it)...
Solderguy (author)  Lexxicon6 years ago
I'm pretty sure WBFS is not Mac compatible. Can you read the contents of the USB stick on your Wii? If you can read it on your Wii but not on your Mac, then it's the Mac's fault. There's not real way around this.
I got the thing to work only after I removed the key and put it back in after the USB loader program was started, seems every time it loads you need to remove the key and reinsert it for a USB key to be 'recognised'. This is annoying as the port is at the back so hard to get to ... but guess I will have to live with it until I get an external HDD hooked up to it. The WII formated key now works but the Fat 32 formatted one will not load and I know of now way to 'wipe it' and let the WII Reformat it. Any ideas? The Mac will read the FAT 32 USB but not the WII Formatted one, guess WBFS is not MAC compliant. Shame...
Solderguy (author)  Lexxicon6 years ago
I think I found a WBFS manager compatible with Mac os:

You need to format all USB storage devices to WBFS for the Wii to recognize and use it. That why you need a WBFS manager.
I have that one and whilst it allows you to convert games copied to the USB to a 4.3Gig ISO (regardless of the original game size), it does not have a format option for USB devices already formatted. This WII formated device does not even get recognised by the MAC but the Manager software finds the Key and accesses it anyway. I have tried reformatting to empty space with 1 primary partition of type Bpot partition using the Disk Utility as suggested in other sites but nothing works. You must first format using the WII or not at all it seems... If the Mac reads it the Wii does not and vice versa.
Solderguy (author)  Lexxicon6 years ago
This sounds like a limitation of the Mac WBFS manager. I can't help you. Try and get your hands on a Windows OS, and use WBFS manager 3.0.
jeremy786 years ago
Massive thanks to all involved for both tutorial and all comments of advice :) You have unlocked my Wii............!! I failed with several other guides and the gamma disc loader, but this one and a little help from comments and the almighty google, got me over the line with osx/mac, micro sd cards and readers, 3.4 sys menu and a wd 250 gb hdd Awesome
Solderguy (author)  jeremy786 years ago
You're very welcome. And what a coincidence, I'm also using a Western Digital hard disk drive! :D
okay question i did all of it right and the games run on the wii, but they have no color. any suggestions?
Hello Solderguy ,

Did you try this for Wii System Menu 4.0? I have upgraded my System Menu to 4.0 and I have tried a few other instructables from this site and unfortunately they did not work. So now I am stuck with "I don't know what version" of cIOS and IOS and I keep getting the Error ret -2011 whenever I try to install anything. So my question is: Do you have any idea whether this step:

" Click on "cIOS36rev10" and click load. The screen will go black for a second and you will then be in the cIOS36rev10 installer. Use the directional arrows to choose WAD installation and click A. After a few minutes it will have completed the installation of cIOS rev 10.
Now, restart your wii, go back to the Homebrew channel, and go to Wad Manager 1.3 and click load.
Choose the SD card, press A, then choose the WAD "USBLoadermodBrisma.wad" and press the + button on your Wii remote. After a few moments it will have completed installing the USB channel. "

...will work on my System Menu 4.0 with unknown cIOS version installed? The last version I know for sure I have installed was cIOS36rev7 from this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/S9RV0FWFN4H8OED/

Thank you !
When searching for my device it tells me it isn't partitioned and I get Error ret=-6. Any Ideas? I followed all of the steps and it IS partitioned.