Step 5: Using the USB loader channel and playing your games.

In this next step I will explain how to use your new Channel, and how you can play your games on it.

First, plug your usb device into your Wii usb slot and start the USB loader channel.

Here are the controls for the USB loader channel:

"+" button: Lets you install a game. (I haven't figured out how this works.)
"-" button: Lets you delete a game.
"A" button: Lets you select and start a game.
"B" button: Lets you go back to menu if you choose the wrong game.
"1" button: Forces the game to play in PAL mode.
"2" button: Forces the game to play in NTSC mode.

Next, use the left and right directional arrows to choose "USB mass storage device", and click A.

It will load all the games on your USB drive and if you downloaded the covers it will show you their cover. Use the up and down directional arrows and press "A" to choose your game. Press "A" again to load your game and press "A" one last time to play your game.

If you have any problems just ask it in the comments below.

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