Step 6: Troubleshooting.

I finally had the time to write the solutions to some Wii error codes. If at any time you Wii spits an error code at you, here two of the most common errors, and their solutions.

Common error codes and solutions:

Error Code:ret= -1 
Cause:You are missing a Cios (249, 222 or something like that)
Solution: Install Cios 249 or 222, or whatever cios is needed by the usb loader you are using.

Error Code:ret= -2011
Cause: A signing bug that allowed the execution of code was patched by /nintendo is system menu 4.0 and higher.
Solution: Run trucha bug restorer to restore the exploit on your Wii.

For the errors that I didn't bother to write down, here is a list of common Wii errors and their solutions:

<p>i cant find my files in wbfs please help me :(</p>
<p>I am using usb loader gx. I followed all the steps perfectly. However, the channel does not recognise my usb drive. I'm using a 16GB Kingston Pendrive. What should i do? The whole thing used to run well when i used my hard disk.</p>
<p>I'm stuck on step 3; I couldn't download the <a href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TIP20JIM" rel="nofollow">rev 10 installer</a>, the link seems to not work. I tried other sites but I also couldn't download from them. I do have the latest version of it (cIOSX_rev21-Installer), though I don't know what to do. I tried to install it, but some attempts ended up failing and some left the Wii frozen. Do I have to install rev 10 or can I just load my backup games on USBLoader without installing it? Any detailed instructions would help.</p>
<p>i have installed it correctly and the HBC sees the games on the HDD, but if i open a game and click on play, i see a black screen and the wii freezes. I have to disconnect the power cable and reattach it.<br><br>Can anyone help me with this?</p>
<p>Yo, I hear the the WBFS manager has the option to download covers from the internet. This is not working... Am i supposed to use a .Png file? Or Something else?</p><p>I'm very confused...</p>
I get an error when I try to format the usb drive. Help?
<p>Can Gamecube isos be used?</p>
<p>Can Gamecube isos be used?</p>
<p>How do I get more games</p>
Thx so much I have been trying this and kept failing
Thats extremely good...
I'm new at this. I have my black Wii with 4.3U modded with Homebrew and am able to play games loaded onto a 16 gb USB Flash drive. I use WBFS Manager to load the games. I have loaded two games ISOs which are 4.5 GB no problem. But I have other ISOs the same size that will not load. I know the WBFS are partitioned. I had three games loaded and all three runs. Why do some load and others not?
I really want to be able to play free games but I have a couple questions before I do it...do i have to mod my system in order to play downloaded games? and if i do mod my system will i still be able to do everything i could before on it? such as play store bought games? please somebody help :(
Must I downgrade from 4.3u to get a USB Loader to work? Please can someone help me either way with a step-by-step tutorial.<br>
Does anyone want me to make a tutorial for the 4.3 wii or can you easily follow the website I posted in here previously...in this ible previously...
I hoping you have a tut and the links to download tools for installing the usb loader for 4.3u, this tutorial(which I have tried hoping it works) doesn't and gives my the blank screen and controller goes out of sync, when I try to run the IOS36-64. I have soft mod HBC 1.0.8 created through letterbomb method. and have had no other issues. I have used the HomeBrew Browser to download many appz some which also have an issue with the v4.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Can i have a tut for a 4.3e wii please. i am using wiiflow and have a 1gb usb stick i have a 8gb sd card with wiiware on and i am getting a 1tb hard drive to plug in to usb port 2 but i want a tutorial that tells me how i can run the wii system off the 1gb usb stick as i don't know how to transfer the data to the usb stick and get it to read from it .....please anyone can you help a noob
I made it :)<br><br>Here is the link :<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Softmod-any-Wii-Version-10-43/<br><br>Hope you will like it
cheers for that :) <br>i dumped my nand on to the 1gb stick last night but it appears there are no gamesaves or channels on the dump. i want my 1gb stick to have to have channels and gamesaves on so when i boot up my wii it loads all my channels and gamesaves from the usb stick 1gb is ample for what i need.<br><br>the 1tb hard drive im buying will be for my wbfs game files, how many would i get on a 1tb about 200?<br><br>thanks again for your help
*Try comment on the ible coz others might have similar problems so they can solve it by the answers thanks :)*<br><br>In 1 TB hard drive about 350 games can fit, as I have a 500 GB hard drive and by using wii WBFS manager, I can fit about 200 games and it just depends on the game :)<br><br>Super smash bros takes 7.2 GB where as wii sports only takes 700 MB .<br><br>Using WBFS manager is good coz it scrubs the files before adding them to the dirve (Removing unwanted junk as publishers add extra junk to get the capacity to standard wii disk of 4.3 GB) and then it will add it to the disk which saves a lot of space :)<br><br>On my ible could you recommend me some good wii games like 10 -15 thx :)<br><br>
on a different matter my brother in law soft modded his wii but some reason priiloader enabled system updates so when his daughter put the wii on she accepted the disk update, the wii is not bricked, however neogamma no longer works and i don't think he has a back up nand. is it possible to fix?
OMG HELP <br>have been at this for 3 days now an keep getting stuck... <br><br>Am running Wii 4.3E &amp; 2TB external hard drive &amp; 2GB SD card <br>have already got the homebrew channel installed :)<br><br>am trying to install the usb loader....<br><br>i try an load the WAD Manager v1.3 (keep getting Error code RET = - 1029) :(<br><br>i try an load custom ios installer v1.7 (keep getting Error code RET = - 1017) :(<br><br>also when looked at USB Loader comes up <br>NO WBFS partition found need to format ( I already did this via my computer then formatted and then WBFS formatted) wii tries to partion an i get RET =-6<br><br><br>also after i have downloaded games from (Piratebay, wiiiso &amp; isohunt )<br>i extract them to WBFS an they still show as a winrar sysmbol but show as iso at the end and after using WBFS i look at my harddrive thru computer an it shows empty... <br><br>WHAT AM I DOING WRONG<br>HELP.... Kids r home on hoildays an driving me nuts <br><br>plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<br><br>
This doesn't work!!!<br>My screen goes black, for infinity hours, when i load the clos3610 thing, and with the WAD Manager!!!
I have used WBSFS to upload an iso file into my usb but it wont install in my wii. What else do I need to do? I already have homebrew installed.<br>ijaredguard
What do you use for it?! wiiflow or configurable usb loader or what?!
I use wii flow because I thought it was faster and more awesomer...<br>Now they have realeased a new softmod...its letterbomb, works for Wii version 4.3 and no game disk required!!!!
Letterbomb works great, but good luck getting wbfs games to run on 4.3
i have 4.3 and wbfs works fine in every way,just to let those who have 4.3 know my wii is a black one
How did you do it? With this guide? Can you please post info?
Here is the solution for 4.3 without game disk mate!<br><br>http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/60921-guide-softmod-any-wii.html<br><br>In chapter 1 part 1 go to letterbomb!<br><br>AND IF YOU LIKE VIDEO TUTORIALS THEN GO ON YOUTUBE and type in letterbomb 4.3 wii<br><br>Hope it helps!
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That tutorial worked perfectly! I downgraded to 4.1U and Configurable USBLoader worked great the first time!
Glad it helped! :)<br>
What I did was installed letterbomb then in the installation downgraded my Wii to 4.1, and then I could easily install WiiFlow and then I just download wbfs files and convert them into ISo files or just download ISO files and then use WBFS manager to put them on USB!
I keep running into the black freeze screen as well. I have no idea what else to do
quick question, does the wbfs partition have to be the first partition on the drive? and by this i mean i have an external hdd with 3 partitions of data and about 200gb of unpartitioned space, would the wii still be able to pick up the stuff on partition 4 or would it read from only partition 1? if possible i would like to avoid having to move all my data to another partition<br><br>heres a diagram if that was too confusing<br>| data | data | data | unpartitioned |<br><br>just wondering if anyones tried this and if it worked or whatnot<br>other than that little issue, i love this instructable, this whole website is just amazing
Hey! <br>I don't know if Someone posted a commet about this but as far as I've seen noone did. <br>I've followed your guide and everything was good untill I've put the USB into the wii. <br>I've ran the loader and it asked run from USB/SD <br>I've clicked USB and it sais It needs partitioning.. I've clicked ok do it and it sais error.. <br>it's probably because I've files in the USB but still... Ideas? <br> <br>Thx in advanced! <br> <br>Sho
I'm having an issue here. My homebrew channel doesn't show anything on the screen except for &quot;The Homebrew Channel&quot; on the bottom left and a wifi logo on the bottom right. Aside from that, it's just bubbles when I put the SD card in. The card is formatted to fat, and I copied the file to the root. Not sure what I'm missing here.
I had the same problem back when i first put the HomeBrew channel on my wii.<br><br>All you have to do, is go onto: www.wehackwii.pbworks.com<br><br>Click &quot;Wii Channels&quot; in the sidebar on the right, from there, you want to scroll down to the &quot;HomeBrew Browser&quot; Channel<br><br>Download it, extract, put into Root of SD Card<br><br>RePlug you SD Card into your Wii<br><br>Launch HomeBrew Channel, and then<br><br>ENJOY ^_^
My wiimote is losing sinc after I load the "cIOS36rev10". Please somebody help!!
Same Problem...someone can help us.... PLEASE?!?!?!
where can one NOT find an iso? NOT find.
Follow this - much better and it works..<br><br>http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/60921-guide-softmod-any-wii.html
Thx 4 ur instructable, always run ! Great ! ^^
Thanks for that sorry about the spelling, but still having problem it can't reconise my usb stick. I&nbsp;have used the WBFS manager 3.0 and 2.2, I have used both Ultimate USB&nbsp;loader v7 and the one you suggested think 1.5. On the first I get &quot;ERROR&nbsp;could not initialize USB subsysten (ret -6)&quot; and one the other i get&nbsp; Mounting device please wait ERROR (ret -1)<br />
I have this problem
Heya, i need some help if you'd be so kind.<br><br>I have a usb(2 gig) and two sd cards(one is 1gig, the other 8 gig.) i have all the files loaded, my wii already hacked, i have 2 different usb loaders, and dvd loader. i formated my usb and sd 8 gig to be able to play backed up wii games, and i even put the game on a dvd, but every single thing i do, i cant get my wii to detect a single drive.<br><br>If you could teach me how to fix this problem, or even just help me to get it working on a dvd, id be greatfull,<br><br>i format my drives to wbfs, and i convert the iso on to the drive. plug into wii, then its not detected, and i'm instructed to resart my wii.<br><br>Please help. i don't know what to do.
Anybody looking for the easiest, best, and fool proof way to hack your wii check out gbatemp.net and search for &quot;modmii&quot;. Awesome program for a virgin wii or if you are just looking to do further hacking such as play backup games from your usb port. I have tried a lot of things on different wiis and this was the best!

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