Step 6: Troubleshooting.

I finally had the time to write the solutions to some Wii error codes. If at any time you Wii spits an error code at you, here two of the most common errors, and their solutions.

Common error codes and solutions:

Error Code:ret= -1 
Cause:You are missing a Cios (249, 222 or something like that)
Solution: Install Cios 249 or 222, or whatever cios is needed by the usb loader you are using.

Error Code:ret= -2011
Cause: A signing bug that allowed the execution of code was patched by /nintendo is system menu 4.0 and higher.
Solution: Run trucha bug restorer to restore the exploit on your Wii.

For the errors that I didn't bother to write down, here is a list of common Wii errors and their solutions:

steamruler5 years ago
FYI Be careful when using a cIOS, since it "rips the ios in half and mess with it".
jonaboy5 years ago
HI i'm getting the error ret = -6 when i load my hdd its strange because i formatted it to wbfs anyone help please?
benzugo5 years ago
I have just installed eveything with no problems until i Loaded USB loader it come up with boot.dol missing in /apps/busbloader. Now i checked and its there. Any ideas what i have done wrong would be great Many Thanks
Devinology5 years ago
hi there.  thanks for the instructons, but i have a problem.
I am installing the cIOS36rev10 fine, but when i go to Wad Manager 1.3 and try to install the WAD USBLoadermodBrisma.wad (USB channel) I get the 2011 error.  I am using Wii firmware 3.4, and I thought it was supposed to work on this.

do i really need to install the channel?  can't i just always run usbloader from the homebrew channel?
I just tried that now and am getting some different error...
it immediately says "custom ISO could not be loaded, error 4100." in the black part of the screen at the right, before i do anything at all.

can anyone help me?
bissch1196 years ago
due to some stupid incident (lucky I can blame it on the kids) my external USB hard drive was disconnected during the formatting by WBFS manager. Now both vista and WBFS manager do not recognize the hard drive anymore. Resetting, rebooting new cables and hooking it to my laptop have had no result. Does anyone have any idea how to make it NFTS again many thanks
Solderguy (author)  bissch1196 years ago
Recognize it in what sense? Does it still show up in your explorer when you click start and then computer? If it does you can right-click it, choose "Format" and format it to NTFS. Or you can format it using WBFS manager if you can remember the drive Key (E: for example) of the USB hard drive.
Solderguy thanks.... no it was not recognized by explorer... Seems like it was found but not initialised...
did you try disk management in computer tools? im running xp so i dont know if it is the same but people use it to format new drives (im talking HDD's but it shows every drive connected. this is where you assign drive letters and such. plug the drive in, try and find this program and see if it is detected, if you right click on it you should be able to format the selected drive. Hope this helps!
Baconmaster... running vista myself ,and  yep... like I mentioned It was not initialised, once I initialised it in the "computerbeheer"(it's Dutch for .... ) --> diskmanagement ... WBFS manager found the disk.

Unfortunately I have not been able to run the USB loader (installed the homebrew succesfully) but haven't tried for a while (too little time...and too much at work)

Thanks anyway for the post.
your welcome, just remember that even though wbfs found the disk doesnt mean its formatted, try formatting it now and see what happens.
I will .... seems I lost 250GB of the 500GB in the process. I try re formatting and see
baconmaster5 years ago
hey guise, got it all working fine great instructable! just one thing- i keep getting a error message in the form of"take the disk out and turn off the wii" or along those lines but i had the usb loader running off the USB (via homebrew) and having games on SD card.
Solderguy (author)  baconmaster5 years ago
I'm guessing that your Wii laser is almost dead, dirty, or defective if it's getting errors while playing the games you copied to your usb hard drive. Does that happen with any store-bought games you play from the DVD? If yes, your Wii laser is the problem. If no, then it's a usb/SD problem.
FOOOFEI6 years ago
Hi I made everything and started the game , it goes till creating the game profile then just freezes ! I then have to remove the power cord :( Can anyone please help ?
everything works great except i don't get color on my games which is a little annoying. any suggestions?
jonkrause6 years ago
I've been using the USB Loader 1.5 for a week or so now and it's been working great! I love that I don't have to put my game discs in anymore. I just bought the new Ghostbusters game yesterday and for some reason when I rip it and try to load it, it just loads a green screen and seems to freeze. Does anyone know why this could be? Thanks
When searching for my device it tells me it isn't partitioned and I get Error ret=-6. Any Ideas? I followed all of the steps and it IS partitioned.
dragonista6 years ago
solderguy or anybody please help me please

i cannot get past the cIOS36rev10 install it errors out (installing ticket ret = - 2011)

tried the wifi installation too but same error

my wii is 3.4u with wasabi zero mod chip

any help from anybody would be appriciated

thanks in advance
eaglemick6 years ago
Hi Solderguy, thanks for a very easy to understand guide. I love all the screenshots too, very helpful. I've just finished the guide and tried to load my first game but the USB loader has been stuck on the message "Mountain device, please wait" for 5 minutes now. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated! I'm using an old lacie 40gb pocketdrive as my external usb drive. The drive has converted fine to WBFS and I've only put one iso on it for now to test. I was surprised that WBFS converted the 4gb iso to 0.4gb. Is this right? Thanks for your help :)
Solderguy (author)  eaglemick6 years ago
Reformat your drive back to FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS, then reformat it back to WBFS. That should work, if it doesn't work then, reformat it back to NTFS , connect it to the Wii, launch usb loader 1.5 and it will ask you if you want to format the drive. If it doesn't ask you if you want to reformat then the drive might not be compatible with the Wii. Tell me if anything worked.
mazumi6 years ago
I have followed the instructions but when I tried to use the USBbrisma.wad (sorry if that is spelt wrong), it starts to install and then says "ERROR ret = (-1029)" Any sugesstions?
mazumi mazumi6 years ago
Fixed it. It was cIOS conflict. Used cios unstaller (great spelling!!!) and problem went away.
rubix12256 years ago
Great guide Solderguy! Easy to follow and straightforward, but I just have one question: What's the version of the USB loader?
Solderguy (author)  rubix12256 years ago
Thanks for the comment! The loader is USB Loader version 1.5 , the most up-to-date version.