How to Play WoodBall





Introduction: How to Play WoodBall

This is a game me and my friends made up. It is called Woodball. Hope you enjoy it.

Materials: A baby swing or a bucket attached to a ceiling with a lot of space to play. A swing set would work great if it has a baby swing attached. A plastic baseball Bat. A bunch of wiffle balls. At least 3 people.

Step 1: Rules of Play

One person will be picked to be the hitter. He or she will hit the ball in the air. (a pop fly). People will try to catch it. You may make your own rules about pushing people out of the way at your own discression.
If you catch it, you may try from a point on the playing area to throw the ball into the baby swing or bucket. If you make it into the swing or bucket you get 1 point. The first person to reach 10 points is the winner. We call this game wood ball because if the hitter hits it and it hits the back of your swing set. Everyone loses all of their points. Enjoy!

Step 2: Questions

If you have any questions about my instructable please feel free to post a comment.



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    We play way different rules we just hit it over the finch until it doesn't go over

    Ummmm... Even pictures would help. Its just that, I'm not saying its fail, regardless of that fact that it is but we might be able to do something with this. Ok so you set up even a model on a table or something. Show us it all. tell us how to do it. Paragraphs PLEASE Oh and it sounds SOOOOOOOOOOO desperate that you ask people, who do not even view this to comment. Baaaaad.

    Post a comment on any of my instructables.