How to Play a Great Prank on Someone





Introduction: How to Play a Great Prank on Someone

Some times the simple things in life are the best.

Step 1: Materials

  • Pencil
  • Coin
  • Paper
  • A victim

Step 2: The Point

This simple prank is great, you can use it on almost everyone. With this prank you will possibly humiliate the victim, because at the end of this they will have a line (or more!) on their nose.

Step 3: Getting Started

First tell the person that they need to trace the coin on to the piece of paper

Step 4: The Goal

The goal for the the victim is to role the coin off of their nose and to get it to land inside one of the circle.

However the goal for you is not to see if they can get it into a circle, but it is to get the graphite off of the pencil, on to the coin, and then on to their nose when they role the coin off.

DON'T TELL THEM that they have a line on their nose (yet). Wait a little bit, possibly let them find out for them self, they might get stumped as to how that line got there.

If you want, you could have them repeat the whole proses again so that they have multiple lines on their face.

I hope that you like my Ible' and please vote for me. Thank you.



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    This prank is so old, i think Noah did this to HIS kids!

    just did this to my little bro, he got so mad, funny as hell, thanks!!

    is it suppose to be a prank yeah it does *****5 stars