This instructable will show people how to create a character and how to make meat (the game's currency)

Three reasons why this game is good:

-A DnD (dungeons n' dragons) parody
-Very funny
-You won't ever be able to spend too much time on it (it only lets you play so many adventures a day)

Step 1: Creating your Character

First go to Kingdom of Loathing's website


1. select 'create account'
2. Fill in the login info
3.Choose a class
4. hit create player
6.check e-mail and confirm your data so you can play.

 Not the best game I have ever played, but certainly the weirdest.
Ah, The Kingdom of Loathing. Tis a good game that includes lots of pop culture stuff (bad mix of words, but I digress...). I'm Lord Wolf there. Good idea.
OH WOW. I had totally forgotten about this game. Awesome!!
its not quite the best way to make some meat in kol, but maybe it will be some more good exposure. i have been playing for 3 years now and still play everyday. this is the my favorite game out there. its hilarious. check it out

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