How to Play Classic Games on Your Computer! (Emulators)





Introduction: How to Play Classic Games on Your Computer! (Emulators)

UPDATE 8/18/14:
Do NOT use CoolROM anymore, they use installers now, use now for a safe ROM download.

Hello guys, it's been a long time. I'll be showing how to play Classic games on your computer using ROMS.

Step 1: Get a Emulator.

To find a emulator just go to: and find the tab that says "Emulators." EMULATORS ARE NOT ILLEGAL.

Step 2: Get a ROM.

The law concerning ROMS are a grey area. There is a lot of mistrust on the internet concerning ROMS, most of them say that if you own the game physically then you could have a ROM and it will be LEGAL. Otherwise, just downloading a ROM is ILLEGAL.

(Even though you won't get caught.)

On a side note, I'm also not liable for any viruses or trojans you get on your computer. (use safe websites like EmuParadise. Make sure to have antivirus and always scan roms before opening them.)

Step 3: Start Your ROM.

Now that you have a Emulator and a ROM. It's time to use them.
1. Open up your Emulator. (Mine was Project 64)
2. Hit "File" and then "Select Rom."
3. Find the Win.rar file.

(Optional) When playing you may want to full screen (Alt + Enter)

Have fun with your emulators.



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    Thanks man! I'm play LoZ: Majoro's Mask now! And yes, I have a hard copy. I actually uploaded a play through on YouTube. So thanks! Although I did get one virus. Now when I pull up Google Chrome, some "my search" website pops up. But that's a small price to pay :)

    I have had that browser jacking problem before, and it's because coolrom has gone to crap installers, you probably agreed to it with the coolrom installer.

    To fix this you should go into settings and delete all extensions, then go into control panel and looks for suspicious programs.

    Here's is a video to help you:

    And you can find the video on my channel. My YouTube is my instructables name. I wish I could change it..

    My friend did this and I got 1300 viruses and pups on my laptop. He used a different website though. So I'm not saying your way is bad I'm just saying be careful.

    Of course, be safe and use antivirus and malwarebytes


    That's a crazy amount oh Nintendo 64 games are those all your haha??

    Nah, those aren't mine. I only have a few N64 games I've picked up from garage sales.


    Of nit oh