Picture of How to play double deck Pinochle
Pinochle is a trick taking card game. Simillar to hearts, one person leads out a card and everyone else plays a card on top of the original. Depending on the cards played, one person takes the "trick" and earns points based on the cards pulled.

A standard deck of pinochle contains 2 of every card from 9-Aces. However, double deck combines two pinochle decks and removes the 9's.

Materials required:
notepad to keep score
writing implement to keep track of score
two decks of pinochle cards
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Step 1: Dealing

Picture of Dealing
Double deck pinochle is played with 4 people, forming 2 teams of 2. Teams are seated opposite of one another. One player is selected as the dealer. He or she shuffles the deck and asks the person to their right to cut the deck.

Because of the large quantity of cards to be dealt, typically a dealer deals two or four cards to a person instead of just one. The dealer goes around in a circle giving each player 2 or four cards until the deck runs out. Every player should have twenty cards.
wwasher3 months ago

If any team makes 500 points in a single hand, it is called a pinochle and that team automatically wins the game.

RickK5 months ago

Have you seen the website ? They have great pinochle discussion and tools there for beginners.