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Drums and percussion are the oldest form of instruments. As time went on, drums were made into newer and newer materials, until there were medals, plastics, and many others.

This is an instructable on how to play the Drum Set

Step 1: Pick your size drum stick

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Okay, so there are many sizes of drumsticks. They will have markings such as 5b, 7a, and many others. Go to a music store like Sam Ash or Guitar Center. Go to the place with the sticks. Slide them out of the holders (usually no wrappers or tape). Some sticks may be to thick, some may be too thin.

Also, figure out how heavy you like them. If your favorite size is 5a, find 5a sticks that are your liking of weight. It makes a large difference

Signature sticks only come in one size, so if you want those awesome Joey Jordison Signature sticks, and you don't like the size, then don't buy them, or buy them and showcase them.

Sticks make a huge difference. If it is too thick, you are not capable of doing what you can do with the size you are comfortable with. Sticks that are too thin can make you feel like you are hitting nothing but air, and it is weird.
metalfury2 years ago
Hi thanks for the instructable it has been really helpful.

I got a bit lost with step 11, I think because there is a lot of text and I'm not clear on the 'units' - maybe a graph version would help, either as tab, or using something like the editor in garage band:

HH      x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Snare x                  x
BD               x                      x 

It probably won't line up right in a comments field. But hopefully you see what I mean. However this is a minor comment, and your tutorial has been a great help :-)
learn to count quarter notes go 1 2 3 4 eighth notes are the same but with an and in between every note1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and sixteenth notes go 1e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a 4 e and a
 Why has the video been deleted?
Flumpkins (author)  elias.alberto5 years ago
I deleted the account
Llamaboy4195 years ago
Videos have been removed...?
And as a drummer myself, this is a good tutorial, but the cymbal section could use some work. Maybe add something like sizzles for hihats, or how to determine a good sounding cymbal from a bad one, etc. And pretty much all cymbals have bells except for flat rides. Not just regular rides.
Flumpkins (author)  Llamaboy4195 years ago
Yeah, i deleted my account on accident. I thought I was logged on a backup account :S

And... I may add that info. It just may not be right away.

Thanks for the suggestions! Did you wanna see a drum solo of mine on youtube?
Sure why not? :D
Flumpkins (author)  Llamaboy4195 years ago
Well... I have a few so i'll just give you a link to my channel.


cool, tryin to teech a kid about drums, il show him this!

Flumpkins (author)  redsoxdrummer5 years ago
Cool, thanks!
kneecaps6 years ago
i sugest getting some of those plastic e-rings, by evans. they stop thohse annoying drum overtones. other than that, great tutorial! loved it.
Flumpkins (author)  kneecaps6 years ago
Hmm... Next time I can get some new stuff for my set, I will look into that. But first, my dad is taking me out to get hi hats one of these weeks. I have been waiting since summer started. And I'm glad you liked it!
fabelizer6 years ago
I did enjoy your instructable! I have always wondered about drum sets and how different sounds are put together. You did a great job demonstrating how a beat sequence is built up from individual hits! Thanks for your efforts!! Oh, FYI, I am an "OLD" guy, with remaining curiosities, and you have just helped cure one of them. Thanks again! -fab
Flumpkins (author)  fabelizer6 years ago
Thanks! And if it isn't too much, can you please click the Vote Now button at the top? It would mean alot.
Vote done. Another Justin! Didn't notice that before...also my son's name! Keep up the practice! -fab
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Thanks! Haha, too many Justin's I've known. In elementary school there was me, a kid in my class, a kid 2 years younger than me, a kid 2 years OLDER than me, a kid on my soccer team, uhhh yeah. Haha.
i voted :)
Flumpkins (author)  greglawlsalot6 years ago
Sweet, thanks!
PKM6 years ago
Step 6 is the "meat" of this tutorial. You could do with breaking it up into more steps, and possibly adding some videos, but the content appears to be sound- at the moment it's quite a big block of text though.
Flumpkins (author)  PKM6 years ago
Would do you mean by "by the content appears to be sound"??? Oh. and I split up step 6 like you suggested
PKM Flumpkins6 years ago
Much better- I don't fill my entire 1200-pixel-high monitor with one step now, and it's a lot easier to see how the playing advice breaks down. By "sound" I meant it looks like your advice appears to be correct and generally sensible- I'm not a drummer but I know enough of the basics to see that you aren't talking rubbish (unlike a certain musical Instructable that referred to sharps and flats as "nonsense notes" :P).
Flumpkins (author)  PKM6 years ago
LOL. Sorry about that, it was midnight when I wrote that step, I was tired,

and I want to win those damn awesome speakers

And thanks!
Flumpkins (author)  PKM6 years ago
What do you mean by "the content appears to be sound"?
lemonie6 years ago
I'd post this as just videos, or add some text on how to play the things. Drumming isn't easy, so a good explanation would go down well. Most of what you've written so far just covers the drum types.

Flumpkins (author)  lemonie6 years ago
OKay, thanks for the advice!
sageserver6 years ago
also show different grips and how to hold a drumstick, maybe show brushes if you have them.