How to play every Guitar Hero and Rock Band song for free.

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Who said you can't play Guitar Hero with a Rock Band wireless guitar? And what about those people on YouTube - How did you turn Frets on Fire to look like Rock Band? - and then they never reply. Well, today it all ends. Let the downloading begin!!! Oh yeah, with this mod, you can play Frets on Fire using Rock Band drums as well.

Find out how to turn this....into this (second image)!!!!

WARNING: My first instructable. The following instructable may suck!
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Step 1: Download the program

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Download using this link.

The name of this mod is the Alarian Mod.

You can preview the mods you will get using this link.

Once the RAR file is finished downloading, create a folder on, for example, your desktop called Frets on Fire or whatever you want to call it. Now extract the contents of the RAR file into your Frets on Fire folder.

Step 2: How to add songs

Now comes the "I own all of the Guitar Hero games and Rock Band, just without an in-depth career mode" step.

OK, so let's start with an example. Ummm....Dreamin' by Weezer. I'm sure you're all dreaming of the day that you'll be as awesome as me. Just kidding. Or am I?

Click here to access the Frets on Fire Fan Forum. Create an account. Mine is SanjayMaru1994.

Now, open up the data folder in the Frets on Fire folder and create a folder entitled "songs" (copy and paste or case-sensitive, I think.)

Now, click here.