Most people that have a mac os x should know about terminal. Well now im gonna tell u how to play games on it like pong, tetris, snake, and much more. plz comment! do this first. type it in. press enter.

Step 1: The List

a list of games should appear. that is all the games to choose from.

Step 2: Type...

next all you got to do is type emacs and press enter. then press esc+x

Step 3: Choosing the Game

now type the name of the game you want and press enter

Step 4: Doing a Diffrent Game

press esc+x again. type the name of the game you want
Could you post a video?
hi thanks for this. but when i see the list how do i select a game to play? <br><br>all i get is this:<br><br><br>Matts-Macbook:~ Matt Horton$ snake.elc<br>-bash: snake.elc: command not found<br>Matts-Macbook:~ Matt Horton$ snake<br>-bash: snake: command not found<br><br>many thanks, matt.<br>
to choose a thing, continue on the steps to see what to do

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