You just got a new guitar! It looks really cool, but how do you play it? This is the place to learn! this is only part one though, it takes a lot to learn guitar.

You need:
  • a guitar
  • patience

That's it! You don't need picks right now. But you can make some.

Here's some useful guitar i'bles:

Step 1: Learn the Parts

First take a look at your guitar, to learn how to play, you have to know all the parts.
<p>Eddie ate dynamite good by Eddie, thats whats works for me.</p>
&quot;Every Bad Guitarist Deserves An Execution.&quot; The one I use :)
Every American Dad Goes Bald Eventually. or Easter Bunny Got Drunk At Easter
Hey can anyone help me out here? <br>https://www.instructables.com/answers/Guitar-opinion/
You should try: Eddy Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddy xD worked for me!
To improve the discussion, I just thought I'd point out a GLARING ERROR.<br><br>It's NOT an acronym; It's a mnemonic.<br><br>(Acronyms substitute letters for words, not vice versa.)<br><br>Still, I appreciate their cleverness AND their value (as mnemonics).
I learned "Easter Bunnies Get Drunk After Easter".
I learned &quot;Elephants And Doggies Gots Big Ears&quot;<br><br>I'm from the south =)
Nice instructable! <br>
OMG i love your acronym xD ive been using Every Body Gets Dinner And Eats
Lol, me too... but now im faced with a big decision... i love food, and i love booms... which one! <br>
Jimi Hendrix jus flipped it around!
strange.. you joined instructables on my birthday :))<br />
poor Eddie XD
ha ha i like your little acronym to help you remember XD lol
Hm... The one thing I've noticed I have a big problem with is I can't read notes or tab (notes because I'm too lazy for all the theory). I have to have someone show me exactly how to play it. I'm terrible at translating guitar tab into actual music.
when is part 2 coming i can't wait do it right now :) great ible
patience young one.
where's that second part!!!???
I LOVE your acronym!
this is a great idea, good for not-even-beginners like me taking a high school guitar class.
excellent,doing this one able at a time is a good idea.Those who dont know how to play will appreciate going one step at a time,no info overload.
Looks like part 2 will be pretty good, you should probably put all your guitar ibles into one ible
Yeah, i was gonna do that. part 2 will be really big. Lots of links too. <sub>i &lt;3 links</sub><br/>

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