Halo is one of the world's top-rated games. If you just got the game, you might be wondering why people keep killing you when you shot them first.

I'm a pretty decent player, since I can pwn everyone at school and ibles on halo, but there are others who can pwn everyone (including myself) a million times, and I can only kill them with luck. If you want to play me, make sure you have halo trial, and you can find me on if a game called "for the win" is up.

This guide will cover the differences between noob and pro, the weapons and vehicles, and teach you pro tactics and skill builders. It also has a sub-guide on campaign mode.

1/3 credit goes to goeon.

another 1/3 goes to Darth gecko Man.

Need any proof that I am experienced enough to present a guide to you?  Here's me playing the first level of campaign on Legendary:

Step 1: Differences between pro and noob.

Many factors will determine the difference.

the characteristics of a noob:
  • relies too much on vehicles to kill people.
  • forgets about his grenades
  • uses fuel rod or rocket launchers
  • does not have a very long survival time

The characteristics of a pro:
  • makes the most of his grenades.
  • very accurate with a sniper rifle.
  • can defeat vehicles with average guns
  • has long survival time
  • knows how to lock banashees

pros also think shees ruin the game.
do you still play?
you know good<br>
Hey, does anyone have a download link for this game? It's kinda outdated so they don't have it as a cd-rom anymore
nvm, I found a link.
where is it please email me at nyroc529@gmail.com preferably a direct link to it.
Or I could just comment on your comment and put the link down...<br><br>Here it is: http://download.cnet.com/Halo-Combat-Evolved/3000-7441_4-10235611.html?tag=mncol;1
true thanks for the link ill get this later as soon as i can... i must've been still tired or something.
my name on halo 1 is HiT n RuN may be well find each other...
grenades work awesomly
I am certainly not a noob, and I find rockets and fuel rod guns very helpful. They are great anti vehicle, and are very easy to kill anyone with, so I use one if I am near one. Also, with vehicles, IDK, maybe you cant use one well, but I win games in a vehicle. Solo games, mow people down. Team games, mow people down, with a gunner getting what I missed. And banshees, I win the banshee duels and Im almost impossible to take down, only very good snipers can, and they are not in hgh numbers, in sniper only or rocket only games, its hard though in any vehicle, then I dont use vehicles. I usually use a shotgun and a plasma rifle. Sniper occasionally, depends on the map. Your strategy seems to be pretty much sniping. And grenades, use them when you got em. And I love stickies, but they are so far out of the way, no one has them, and evading a frag in a vehicle isnt a problem, and if you are on top, you might do a complete flip, and keep driving.<br><br>Also, looks like someone dropped out partway, but it looks like you just butchered a noob. 2 kills to 17 deaths. thats a noob, and the other guy is good at hiding or came in later, and was doing ok in the K/D.<br><br>People use other strategys, no strategy is perfect, and yours isnt the best for everyone. Its was coming off to me as if you dont do something similar to this, you are a noob.<br><br>
Isn't the best way to take out a banshee is just shoot the belly?
If it's attacking you and it's about to kill you, that's not really a viable option.
What would you do if you had no stickies?
Shoot and jump.
Rocket firing assault rifle?
I have no clue.
Looks like its one though
It is!
What do you mean by knows how to lock bansees?
To know if the game is not modded the ring should be there right after the name of the game.
wow -.-......Don't you find that kind of NERDY?
hey, don't disown the nerds. There's nothing wrong with being a Halo Nerd
K but when you guys have wasted your life getting pro at halo, Don't come crying to me when you find out no one cares about halo skills.
We don't waste our lives. Halo is just something that we enjoy playing. There are plenty of other hobbies that we have. If you can't appreciate it BUTT OUT
Ha ha my older brother calls me a &quot;haloie&quot; its a spoof on a trekkie!!!!!
I don't really care. If you didn't already notice, I make knex guns.
Thanks for the tips, you have really helped me improve my game. I got banned from one game because I killed the server operator about 30 times -.- And this may seem like a stupid question, but how do you lock banshees?
getting banned from a game because you kept killing the host seems ridiculous, unless it was with a shee or you were spawn killing. Locking banashees can only be done on the blood gulch map, hover your shee at the area behind the teleporter, then drop it down so the wings are stuck.
No, I don't use Banshees. They are for n00bs only. I kill those who dare to sit in the pilot seat. And thanks. Now I know.
But won't the Banshees respawn after a while?
If done right, the shees wont respawn. Idk why.
its because they glitch and twitch around alot and vecs only respawn if they're stationary.
And sorry, I didn't see the comment below me -.-
then the operator is a sore loser.
i got no time to read everything but ialways take a car and ride over people because thats much more fun and i pown with just an rifle
thats a genuine noob right there
Good luck trying to escape someone with a plasma grenade.
&nbsp;I said it was fun not smart..
You have a point. &nbsp;Try to bail out of the car before it hits a victim.<br />
&nbsp;Bail out of the car? sure if you say it........
i say - a pro can use anything to his advantage - any weapon close by and its easy to spot a pro - they have pistols and they can kill u with 3 to 5 shots in the head <br /> <br /> playing in halo tl sucks now - cuz no one knows the difference between a hacker shot and a pro shot&nbsp;
yeah u do hacker shots get u the 1st time and it takes 2 or 3 shots for a player but still player could get a headshot btw My name on halo trial is Beast145 and i have an epic mod clan and all u gotta do to join is name ur guy on halo trial ______145 and then go to 145clan.webs.com and sign up as a member and u can request mods or browse lots of posted mods which has almost every mod ever and hacks and tools.
Yup.&nbsp; The only reason why I&nbsp;don't go into a random room and play other than the fact it doesnt work is because people want to cheat and use aimbots.&nbsp; I was hosting a game and the first person to come in was using an aimbot.&nbsp; I only beat him the first time because I got the sniper rifle before he did. <br /> <br /> I knew he was using an aimbot because he did a long ranged headshot kill on me when&nbsp;I was driving a hog to the other base- twice in a row.&nbsp; That's almost unheard of even for lucky shots or skillz.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> He also wouldn't respond to my text, and when&nbsp;I killed him, it took me about 4 pistol clips to kill him, and most were hits, whereas he got my health down to 3 bars at semi long range with a shotgun, which is an impossible range for the shotgun to normally get without hacks or mods.<br />
I say - the best weapons combos to me r the plasma gun and shotgun, sniper with pistol or just the plasma pistol and the regular pistol
My favorite combo when there are vehicles present is a pistol and a shotgun.&nbsp; The pistol is used for normal combat at mid range and the shotgun is used as a close ranged combat gun, AND an anti-vehicle gun.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;I wouldn't necessarily call banshee-users &quot;noobs&quot;, as it still shows an amount of strategic planning to use it. If the &quot;pros&quot; really see themselves as &quot;pros&quot;, they would take that banshee down very quickly, therefore it would not be a problem. This shows that only the average players are complaining about banshees, while the pros don't see them as a threat.<br /> <br /> By the way, I don't use banshees but I don't discourage others from using it. It adds depth to the game.<br />
if u dont like shee noobs why dont u just mod the game to where there is no shees
Yeah if pros were really pros they could either destroy the vehicle, kill the player, or evade it before it came too close. Also if they are so pro why don't they just use the freakin banshee that is why it is there right?&nbsp; Did bungie make vehicles just for people to ignore them, no! They made them to help players.&nbsp;If you were a good player you would be able to stop vehicles, neutralize enemies no matter what they are using, and know when it is important to use vehicles. I don't mean to always use vehicles but when an enemy has a good advanage against you (Fast connection, has beaten Halo 3's final level on legendary with just a pistol, ect.) Then why not? Not using vehicles doesn't mean you are a pro it just means you are too stubborn to use a vehicle and decide everyone who kills you with one is a &quot;noob&quot;. So if you are a pro you wouldn't use vehicles for all of your kills. You might just use them as transport, but it means you know how to professionally use vehicles and know how to work a gun. I have seen more real noobs die in vehicles than actually kill in them.<br />

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