Picture of How to play Halo reasonably well.
Halo is one of the world's top-rated games. If you just got the game, you might be wondering why people keep killing you when you shot them first.

I'm a pretty decent player, since I can pwn everyone at school and ibles on halo, but there are others who can pwn everyone (including myself) a million times, and I can only kill them with luck. If you want to play me, make sure you have halo trial, and you can find me on if a game called "for the win" is up.

This guide will cover the differences between noob and pro, the weapons and vehicles, and teach you pro tactics and skill builders. It also has a sub-guide on campaign mode.

1/3 credit goes to goeon.

another 1/3 goes to Darth gecko Man.

Need any proof that I am experienced enough to present a guide to you?  Here's me playing the first level of campaign on Legendary:

Step 1: Differences between pro and noob.

Picture of Differences between pro and noob.
Many factors will determine the difference.

the characteristics of a noob:
  • relies too much on vehicles to kill people.
  • forgets about his grenades
  • uses fuel rod or rocket launchers
  • does not have a very long survival time

The characteristics of a pro:
  • makes the most of his grenades.
  • very accurate with a sniper rifle.
  • can defeat vehicles with average guns
  • has long survival time
  • knows how to lock banashees

pros also think shees ruin the game.
Martyka2 years ago
do you still play?
you know good
Hey, does anyone have a download link for this game? It's kinda outdated so they don't have it as a cd-rom anymore
nvm, I found a link.
where is it please email me at nyroc529@gmail.com preferably a direct link to it.
Or I could just comment on your comment and put the link down...

Here it is: http://download.cnet.com/Halo-Combat-Evolved/3000-7441_4-10235611.html?tag=mncol;1
true thanks for the link ill get this later as soon as i can... i must've been still tired or something.
lil larry3 years ago
my name on halo 1 is HiT n RuN may be well find each other...
grenades work awesomly
Speedmite4 years ago
I am certainly not a noob, and I find rockets and fuel rod guns very helpful. They are great anti vehicle, and are very easy to kill anyone with, so I use one if I am near one. Also, with vehicles, IDK, maybe you cant use one well, but I win games in a vehicle. Solo games, mow people down. Team games, mow people down, with a gunner getting what I missed. And banshees, I win the banshee duels and Im almost impossible to take down, only very good snipers can, and they are not in hgh numbers, in sniper only or rocket only games, its hard though in any vehicle, then I dont use vehicles. I usually use a shotgun and a plasma rifle. Sniper occasionally, depends on the map. Your strategy seems to be pretty much sniping. And grenades, use them when you got em. And I love stickies, but they are so far out of the way, no one has them, and evading a frag in a vehicle isnt a problem, and if you are on top, you might do a complete flip, and keep driving.

Also, looks like someone dropped out partway, but it looks like you just butchered a noob. 2 kills to 17 deaths. thats a noob, and the other guy is good at hiding or came in later, and was doing ok in the K/D.

People use other strategys, no strategy is perfect, and yours isnt the best for everyone. Its was coming off to me as if you dont do something similar to this, you are a noob.

thing 24 years ago
Isn't the best way to take out a banshee is just shoot the belly?
DJ Radio (author)  thing 24 years ago
If it's attacking you and it's about to kill you, that's not really a viable option.
What would you do if you had no stickies?
DJ Radio (author)  thing 24 years ago
Shoot and jump.
1825154 years ago
Rocket firing assault rifle?
DJ Radio (author)  1825154 years ago
I have no clue.
182515 DJ Radio4 years ago
Looks like its one though
thing 2 1825154 years ago
It is!
thing 24 years ago
What do you mean by knows how to lock bansees?
lil larry4 years ago
To know if the game is not modded the ring should be there right after the name of the game.
Screamo4 years ago
wow -.-......Don't you find that kind of NERDY?
hey, don't disown the nerds. There's nothing wrong with being a Halo Nerd
K but when you guys have wasted your life getting pro at halo, Don't come crying to me when you find out no one cares about halo skills.
We don't waste our lives. Halo is just something that we enjoy playing. There are plenty of other hobbies that we have. If you can't appreciate it BUTT OUT
Ha ha my older brother calls me a "haloie" its a spoof on a trekkie!!!!!
DJ Radio (author)  Screamo4 years ago
I don't really care. If you didn't already notice, I make knex guns.
Thanks for the tips, you have really helped me improve my game. I got banned from one game because I killed the server operator about 30 times -.- And this may seem like a stupid question, but how do you lock banshees?
DJ Radio (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
getting banned from a game because you kept killing the host seems ridiculous, unless it was with a shee or you were spawn killing. Locking banashees can only be done on the blood gulch map, hover your shee at the area behind the teleporter, then drop it down so the wings are stuck.
No, I don't use Banshees. They are for n00bs only. I kill those who dare to sit in the pilot seat. And thanks. Now I know.
But won't the Banshees respawn after a while?
DJ Radio (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
If done right, the shees wont respawn. Idk why.
its because they glitch and twitch around alot and vecs only respawn if they're stationary.
And sorry, I didn't see the comment below me -.-
DJ Radio (author)  Landon Sullivan6 years ago
then the operator is a sore loser.
Merugop5 years ago
i got no time to read everything but ialways take a car and ride over people because thats much more fun and i pown with just an rifle
Bert99 Merugop4 years ago
thats a genuine noob right there
DJ Radio (author)  Merugop5 years ago
Good luck trying to escape someone with a plasma grenade.
 I said it was fun not smart..
DJ Radio (author)  Merugop5 years ago
You have a point.  Try to bail out of the car before it hits a victim.
 Bail out of the car? sure if you say it........
panda80205 years ago
i say - a pro can use anything to his advantage - any weapon close by and its easy to spot a pro - they have pistols and they can kill u with 3 to 5 shots in the head

playing in halo tl sucks now - cuz no one knows the difference between a hacker shot and a pro shot 
yeah u do hacker shots get u the 1st time and it takes 2 or 3 shots for a player but still player could get a headshot btw My name on halo trial is Beast145 and i have an epic mod clan and all u gotta do to join is name ur guy on halo trial ______145 and then go to 145clan.webs.com and sign up as a member and u can request mods or browse lots of posted mods which has almost every mod ever and hacks and tools.
DJ Radio (author)  panda80205 years ago
Yup.  The only reason why I don't go into a random room and play other than the fact it doesnt work is because people want to cheat and use aimbots.  I was hosting a game and the first person to come in was using an aimbot.  I only beat him the first time because I got the sniper rifle before he did.

I knew he was using an aimbot because he did a long ranged headshot kill on me when I was driving a hog to the other base- twice in a row.  That's almost unheard of even for lucky shots or skillz. 

He also wouldn't respond to my text, and when I killed him, it took me about 4 pistol clips to kill him, and most were hits, whereas he got my health down to 3 bars at semi long range with a shotgun, which is an impossible range for the shotgun to normally get without hacks or mods.
I say - the best weapons combos to me r the plasma gun and shotgun, sniper with pistol or just the plasma pistol and the regular pistol
DJ Radio (author)  panda80205 years ago
My favorite combo when there are vehicles present is a pistol and a shotgun.  The pistol is used for normal combat at mid range and the shotgun is used as a close ranged combat gun, AND an anti-vehicle gun. 
Tommyhzy5 years ago
 I wouldn't necessarily call banshee-users "noobs", as it still shows an amount of strategic planning to use it. If the "pros" really see themselves as "pros", they would take that banshee down very quickly, therefore it would not be a problem. This shows that only the average players are complaining about banshees, while the pros don't see them as a threat.

By the way, I don't use banshees but I don't discourage others from using it. It adds depth to the game.
Bert99 Tommyhzy4 years ago
if u dont like shee noobs why dont u just mod the game to where there is no shees
Yeah if pros were really pros they could either destroy the vehicle, kill the player, or evade it before it came too close. Also if they are so pro why don't they just use the freakin banshee that is why it is there right?  Did bungie make vehicles just for people to ignore them, no! They made them to help players. If you were a good player you would be able to stop vehicles, neutralize enemies no matter what they are using, and know when it is important to use vehicles. I don't mean to always use vehicles but when an enemy has a good advanage against you (Fast connection, has beaten Halo 3's final level on legendary with just a pistol, ect.) Then why not? Not using vehicles doesn't mean you are a pro it just means you are too stubborn to use a vehicle and decide everyone who kills you with one is a "noob". So if you are a pro you wouldn't use vehicles for all of your kills. You might just use them as transport, but it means you know how to professionally use vehicles and know how to work a gun. I have seen more real noobs die in vehicles than actually kill in them.
DJ Radio (author)  geopokemon5 years ago
I use vehicles for transport and for anti-banashee purposes.  I use a banashee for the sole purpose of getting into secret sniper spots in the maps.
DJ Radio (author)  Tommyhzy5 years ago
I can take em down rather quickly with a shotgun, since most players like trying to make roadkill out of me.  The only problem is the frequent attacks annoy me. 

I got tired of halo anyways, I'm retiring from playing it...
yes u can and My name on halo trial is Beast145 and i have an epic mod clan and all u gotta do to join is name ur guy on halo trial ______145 and then go to 145clan.webs.com and sign up as a member and u can request mods or browse lots of posted mods which has almost every mod ever and hacks and tools.
DJ Radio (author)  SomeAsianKid4 years ago
... Or I bought the PC version of the game which lets you use fuel rod cannons in multiplayer?
I have the pc version and you mean multiplayer online?
DJ Radio (author)  SomeAsianKid4 years ago
You can use fuel rods in halo 1 multiplayer on the PC.
Kasm2794 years ago
Hey DJ Radio, I think i have seen you on Halo before :D
DJ Radio (author)  Kasm2794 years ago
What was my name?
DJ Radio >.>
DJ Radio (author)  Kasm2794 years ago
how long ago? Because I haven't used that name since I posted this ible.
It was at least a year and a half ago, maybe two.
DJ Radio (author)  Kasm2794 years ago
Yeah that might have been me.
a cookie5 years ago
i agree that rockets and fuel rods are noob tubes :D
DJ Radio (author)  a cookie4 years ago
They are nice against vehicles though.
Dodge+throw plasma nade works very well, especially against banshees and scorpions :D
DJ Radio (author)  Kasm2794 years ago
That's actually pretty difficult unless the banshee is hovering. On scorpions it's easy, but it's a suicide mission to get within accurate throwing range (unless the scorpion is engaging someone else at the moment)
a cookie5 years ago
no offense, but the plasma pistol and ar arnt that suckish. if u have a plasma pistol and a magnum,u can head sot somenoe and over carge the plasma pistol and hit them, or charge te plasma pistol and ten soot tem anywhere with another gun because the plasma pistol brings down shields when charged BUT dont take any offense to this
DJ Radio (author)  a cookie4 years ago
That works better in halo 2 when you duel wield the weapons.
I (and the rest of my halo group [we're not a clan, just we almost always play together]) think that using just sniper or the pistol sniper combo and not anything else is its own type of noobishness. A real pro should be able to pwn with any weapon. Yes, even the plasma pistol. My personal favorite combos are: Plasma rifle+pistol Plasma rifle+AR Both pistols and just about every other combo of alien and human for different situations in the game. I never stick to a single combo throughout the game, I always switch my weapons based on the situation and players. By the way, the reason I have an alien weapon in almost all the combos is because alien weapons kill the shield really fast, and then bullets kill the health. I'm more of a mid-range player, so when we had team matches (most of the time we did) I would form a team with my friends based on the gameplay type. For example, in CTF a few friends would be sniper/pistols, some walking along the tunnels and covering the attack with sniper fire, while others stayed near the base to snipe. Another section would be the retrievers of the flag, usually equipped with mid-range weaponry. Others would stay at the base to protect the flag. It was interesting because one of us could switch "jobs" and everyone else, seeing the difference in tactics would adjust accordingly. It was awesome.
DJ Radio (author)  Pixel_Master4 years ago
I agree with your point, but this is a matter of preference. I myself prefer a shotgun/pistol combo since I have medium- high accuracy, and fight vehicles plenty.
blacktails5 years ago
Nice guide, well done! I personally moved on to Halo 3 with most of the crowd, but i DO occasionally settle down for an old school Halo 1 game. and i must say, this guide? Very helpful.
DJ Radio (author)  blacktails4 years ago
Thank you. I recently upgraded my computer so I'll be playing halo 2 more. I'm pretty good at it.
a cookie5 years ago
i also suck in mod rooms :D
a cookie5 years ago
my halo trial name is a cookie wats urs?
KnEx_MaStEr5 years ago
dont find this bad or anything but u didnt need to do this instructable because if u just play lots you become a pro.
~KGB~5 years ago
jeez, id love to play a game of halo with you... lol
DJ Radio (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
Go download the trial version of Halo and we can.  I got re-interested after beating the first level of the campaign on Legendary.
~KGB~ DJ Radio5 years ago
ill get it soon then, lol, i completed the game on every difficulty on every level...
 My history teacher is on Xbox Live all the time. He doesnt use aimbots but still can make headshots from quite a distance. Funny part is, he uses words on live that he would never use in class!
Lol. Someone told me that they heard my math teacher on Xbox Live playing GoW2.
 i know this instructable is about halo CE and 2 but would any of you consider the smg in halo 3 to be a noob weapon? i mean i only use one and i can still kill people who dual wield them. i use it in conjunction with the battle rifle or shotgun. is this a good combo?
DJ Radio (author)  halofreak2525 years ago
Yeah, the SMG is good only if you fire it in streams of 5.  The BR and shotgun are also good.
are people still actually online with halo 1 and 2? never knew that.......
 even now over a 1000 online all the time even on halo 1.

People are still on, but mainly only on the internet on pc.
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 anyone still play?
Zenos6 years ago
I actually find the Assult Rifle to be a good side arm with the Sniper Rifle. Plus, I've found it easy to destroy Banshees with a Magnum.
DJ Radio (author)  Zenos6 years ago
its easier to destroy banashees with shotguns because of the spread. the side arm is your own choice.
i remember - there was a player with a shotgun in the middle of the map shooting at me - im in a banshee with a rocket and a pistol - i get out of the banshee and fired a rocket at him =D we both died 
ilpug Zenos5 years ago
pistol is my fav weopon of all hunters, shees, u name it!
sonamything6 years ago
i use Shotgun and Pasma Rifle or Shotgun and Sniper Rifle i know its weak but i like it!!
DJ Radio (author)  sonamything6 years ago
shotgun is good, but the plasma rifle heats up too quickly and the battery dies even faster.
EDIT: So by you logic all pros are snipe till the world ends... : P I mean the pistol isnd that good of a weapon.. ok for bringin down shileds then moving in. The asault rifle??? you dont like it? i use it to pelt enemyies then finishing them off with another weapon (pistol,Sniper (can headshot XD)) You cqall he rpg a noob weapon? i use it like.... well a Rocket Propelled Grenade... The Fuel coil gun??? I use that to just clear the top of bases or scare a sniper into retreating into the rocks then finishing'im off with the shotty.... Am i a n00b??
DJ Radio (author)  HisDivineShadow5 years ago
Nah, I'm no sniper, I'm more of an assault guy.  I use the pistol on bigger maps, and the shotgun on CQC combat.
im guessing to rest of the world your a noob for the weapons you use i find the only nooby thing about halo is when you use only vehicles as ways to kill people
i know but in halo 2 it works fine and i like to use needler too.
Okay you've got somethings right, but you still got a few quirks.

N00B weapons/vehicles: 1-5
-rocket launcher
-fuel rod gun

Pro/MLG weapons/vehicles
-BATTLE RIFLE (The best)

N00B moves

-waiting w/ energy sword

Pro/MLG moves/techniques

-Running around in the middle of it all
-very accurate w/ battle rifle/sniper rifle
-hidden sniping
-grenade sticks
-cremation (what i call it) shotgunblast+melee=instant death
-no scope sniping

this shoud guide you well. me and my friends are pros at this stuff.
Me holding a pistol is pro? It normally results to My pistol+me=bashed up by a guy using banshee!
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
It takes 2 clips for me to take a banashee down at mid range. You should use a shotgun if he tries to run you over.
or you could use rl or just...RUNNNN!!!
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Rocket launchers aren't as effectve as they seem. The slowness of the bullet decreases the accuracy of it. As for running, the plasma cannons slow down your movement.
ahhhh.....but then u dont get pissed at the rocket launcher and take a blood oath against it.....no........u get good with leading with it!
DJ Radio (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
and you try splash damage. But if an enemy knows you are shooting at them, they can dodge your shots at mid-high range.
ya but still that is why u have 2 shots+it pwns against vehicles
DJ Radio (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
I personally find its lack of accuracy useless against banashees unless they are close to you.
ya but then comes in the SPARTIN LAZER! just zoom in and lazer that thing
DJ Radio (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
That is a halo 3 exclusive.
If you are actually a 'pro' and not a 'newb', shouldn't you be well-trained in ALL of the Halo weapons, so as to be effective in all types of situations? There is no 'newb' and 'pro' weapon classes, as a pro will pwn you with a plasma pistol or needler as easily as a sniper. Being a pro is about learning how to use a rocket launcher AND a shotgun AND a sniper AND a pistol AND a needler AND etc... And what's wrong with a pro using vehicles like a banshee? I've seen a pro get a DOUBLE KILLIONARE with a BANSHEE.
DJ Radio (author)  shockwavefire5 years ago
N00bs make their game easier by using very powerful weapons and vehicles. Pros can with ordinary weapons no matter what their opponent uses. Pros can make it so that no matter what you do, even if its a noob tactic, it won't work, with the most ordinary weapons. That is the difference.
 Whos smarter noobs that uses high damage weapons
or pros that uses low damage
DJ Radio (author)  Merugop5 years ago
Depends on the winner.  If a pro with a low damage (btw pistols are not low damage, 3 shots kills a target) wins, then obviously a pro has reflexes and knows how to aim.
 I act like a noob because thats more fun
 WOOOHOOO hALO 3!!!!!!
oops sory i play both but if u use it u will find its power and accuracy jaw droping
plasma cannons are dumb, OHKO but its like so slow that you could only get hit if you stood still
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
I find plasma weapons pretty accurate, they can slow you down to the point where you move 1 foot a second.
don't you mean : but they can slow you ...
i agree with dj radio XD
 Its fun to jump to az banshee you just get launched sometimes
 I only use a pistol to piss people off
DJ Radio (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic6 years ago
this is limited to halo 1. I noticed you have elements in future games.
oh. sorry i thought you meant halo in general. yes, i do!
DJ Radio (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic6 years ago
also, needlers and ghosts shouldnt go in noob guns since they do little damage. Take em off all the lists and put the scorpion tank in noob weapons.
 But the tank is fun!!
DJ Radio (author)  Merugop5 years ago
...Until someone runs up and sticks your tank with a plasma grenade.  
how does low damage wepons be pro? i just really don't understand, so please elaborate
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
because, it shows that you can beat the enemy when he has an advantage against you. Also needlers are powerful if you fire enough shots.
a clip makes the bullet explosive
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
no, it takes about 7 shots, a clip is 20 shots.
what i was meant to say was that a 20 shot clip would cause an explosion which would kill the enemy in one clip
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
A golden elite in halo 1 can survive 2 clips on legendary, He can also survive a direct hit with a rocket launcher.
the ones holding the energy swrod?
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
it doesnt matter what he holds, some hold plasma rifles, some swords.
they're half invisible, my dad are scared of them, to defeat-dodge their whakc and jump over them, then turn around whakc them and run back and shoot
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
the invisible elites are weak as crap.
ilpug DJ Radio5 years ago
hmm, well i am a veteran so i will normally come back and comment this ible to weed out the noobs. I really enjoyed the fact that most of the information in this was directly copied or paraphrased from the HCE users manual. If the person needs this ible, then they should just forget it and read their manual. I agree with shockwavefire. there is no such thing as a "pro" or "noob" weapon. i have had HCE since it came out on PC and have learned to excel with all weapons. The misunderstanding is that some guns are just too weak to do the job. WRONG all of the guns in Halo Are capable of killing a hunter with full health in one hit. I have done it so i know it is true. And please stop picking on the rocket launcher, you just have to get good with it, leading a target is a very simple thing to do if you practice. Although i see the thinking of your categorization of noob and pro weapon combos, i think that a true pro is capable of using anything for anything. I will list my personal weapon combos as my first installment of critiscism of this ible. you are welcome to argue. Top 3 favorite guns: Magnum, Shotgun, sniper rifle Campaign combos: covenant Combo: Magnum, plasma rifle Long range Flood combo:Sniper rifle, plasma pistol Close range Flood Combo:Shotgun, assault rifle Covenant/Flood combo:needler, shotgun
thank u for 1nce a person that is not compleatly biast against the rocket launcher ps good weapon combo choices
DJ Radio (author)  ilpug5 years ago
Oh wait, excuse me, Some other collaborator took the text from the vehicles from the HCE manual. The tatics and weapons section is completely original on the other hand..
DJ Radio (author)  ilpug5 years ago
I haven't seen this information printed in the HCE users manual at all. I have the full game, so thus no manual. I never said a gun was weak, but it can be if it is used improperly in the wrong situation. Noobs just make playing the game easier for them and get cheap kills. Where is the fun in that? Pros use ordinary weapons to dominate the field, and make all tatics against them useless. I like the pistol, shotgun, and sniper too, in that order. Your long range flood combo sucks however. The sniper rifle does not work on flood, a shot from it simply passes through a flood. I would just use a pistol, since the range advantage you would get with a sniper is gone with the flood, as well as the ammo doesn't work.
not that weak maybe as weak as blues, what're the strongest? golden? red?
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Gold elites are the strongest. The invisible elites do not have shields, so they are weakest.
oh ok
thows things are beast i allways get gang raped by them (tripple-teamed)
ya it happends but once i jumped when i was surounded by three golden eliets and they all killed each other  ecept for 1 and i stuck him with 2 stickies
they both do great damage in halo 3 a whole caddyful of needles is one kill with a ghost, you can either shoot people, or use the boost two run them over. it is harder to run people over in a mongoose or a warhog. and way cooler.
mongooses suck they ALWAYS flip over
DJ Radio (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic6 years ago
well in halo 1 multiplayer, needlers do little damage. A full clip can only drain the shields of a player and they recharge as soon as it reloads. ghosts do little damage as well, but you can run em over.
well in halo 3 the needler needles kind of act as an explosive: when you have alot of rounds into the flesh, they will explode, leading to death.
DJ Radio (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic6 years ago
that happens in halo 1, but its rare and only happens in campaign.
I beg to differ! 7 shots = boom, without fail!
DJ Radio (author)  agent harmsy6 years ago
in halo 1? It doesnt work when I try.
i love the needler

fast rate of fire+medium damage explosive rounds=pwnage XD
in three its easy just wipe out a full caddyful
it mostly happens in halo 3
DJ Radio (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic6 years ago
if that happens with the needler in halo 1, its short range on covenant.
Yeah thats another thing. the needler can only lock on to an enemy if the enemy is within your target recicle. Like 15 feet.
weapons can lock on target? like,it follows when they move?
Derin DJ Radio6 years ago
it also happens in multiplayer,ive used it before also,the needler is a machine gun too
when u say "no scope sniping" u mean nose-scoping (i pwn at that)
no. literaly, not using the scope on the sniper rifle
ya i get what u are saying i always get head shots but it is only affective at mid range
DJ Radio (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
Its most effective at short range.
close-ish range not good at punching range
DJ Radio (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
By close range, I mean about 30 m from your target, just barely enough to deal damage with a shotgun.
ya i get it i cant wait to get ODST
Hey, Hey Hey,you missed one thing in pro moves, runing recklessly with a shotgun shooting at close range, half a feet, INSTANT DEATH!
Wafflicious6 years ago
in halo 3 for xbox 360 i use a shot gun/ assult rifle when i cant find a sniper
DJ Radio (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
While the assault rifle is full auto, it is weak, and requires half a clip to kill someone. I would much prefer a plasma rifle or pistol.
yes but i ment for campain.... those little triangle doods die easily with 2-3 shots from assult rifle. then when i get to a harder guy i use the shot gun
DJ Radio (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago

hey, wanna play me sometime? download halo for the PC trial here. when it asks for your age, put a number above 18 in the box.
naaah im ganna stick to xbox srry dude
DJ Radio (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
 when i get my new com im gonna play
lolz.... sure sighn of a noob... calling grunts "little triangle doods" jk,jk, that was pretty funny, i call them space teddys on the fact that they look like deformed teddy bears
Merugop ilpug5 years ago
 I call them dwarfs or Mr naus (My history teacher hes 1.72m tall)
If you give me 1 assault i can kill 5 with 1 clip (and grenade)
ajleece6 years ago
ooo..... chatting in an unpublished ible. i feel special now. i think that if you are playing halo one of the best things not to do is si in one spot with your sniper and looking straight at the enemies base looking for a target to snipe. then as soon as you find somebody to shoot at BANG is a headshot on you for camping
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece6 years ago
I tried that tactic, but it was foiled many times. The first time, someone snuck me from behind and meleed me, which is an instant kill. The second time, The guy was hiding behind cover to distract me, while his brother snuck me with a flamethrower.
 Maybe i was the guy with the flamethrower....

um, i am not involved in any of those...
such tact
DJ Radio (author)  Der Bradly6 years ago
yes you were! you were keeping me busy, and your brother got a flamethrower to get me while I tried to get you.... lol
LOL That was soooooo funny!
i said the best thing not to do
ajleece ajleece6 years ago
ajleece ajleece6 years ago
ajleece ajleece6 years ago
i think that if you are playing halo one of the best things not to do is sit in one spot with your sniper and looking straight at the enemies base looking for a target to snipe. then as soon as you find somebody to shoot at BANG is a headshot on you for camping
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece6 years ago
oh, now I get it. I may also post my method of killing someone who is attacking you in the banashee when you dont have a rocket launcher, plasma grenades, or the full auto on the back of warthogs.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece6 years ago
Ryamc1175 years ago
I perfer the the sniper and pistol... im a crackshot with the sniper and if there too close i just finish em off with pistol and nades
DJ Radio (author)  Ryamc1175 years ago
I prefer the pistol and shotgun. I use the pistol as my main weapon, and the shotgun is just to battle any banashees or moving warthogs that attack me.
Ryamc1175 years ago
its noob if rockets are the only thing you go for ....i like the energy sword in halo three, almost always go for it.... i like to slice peoples!!!!
DJ Radio (author)  Ryamc1175 years ago
I always go for the shotgun and the pistol, because I don't need rockets.
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
you should update for halo 2 and halo 3
DJ Radio (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
sry dude, I dont have either game.
ilpug DJ Radio5 years ago
i might be willing to collaborate with you on a update to repair the holes in this ible, or make a new one on halo # (i havent played #2)
DJ Radio (author)  ilpug5 years ago
Go ahead. You seem like a sensible person who knows what he is doing. As long as you improve your grammar.
that sucks
Bartboy6 years ago
I don't have halo, but you should include the energy sword jump tactic, and the beaten from behind with a gun one, they rock!
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
energy sword jump tactic????
if you jump with the energy sword, and pull the trigger in the air, it's an automatic kill, well It is in one player, I'm not sure about deathmatchs.
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
what is an energy sword?
HAHA! And you call yourself a halo pro! I knew about energy swords in halo 1! And besides, of course you'd be pro if you only have ONE map to play on! I'll take you on in hang em high anytime! BTW, get halo CE, its awesome! (custom maps, including a DRIVEABLE scarab. And another thing, have you ever won a 50 kill FFA match with a score of fifty ONE? I have :)
I think we should start a continuosly updated Ible on a shared acct. , so we can pool our knowledge. i have one a 50 kill match before on Halo3... it was pretty rough but i just made it
DJ Radio (author)  agent harmsy6 years ago
I have halo full, and I know what energy swords are, but they arent in the halo 1 game. (well, they are used against you, but you cant use them yourself). besides, this was when i didnt have the full version.
Halo 2 and 3 only, It's the thing that glows and looks a bit like a sword, but In halo 1 you can't pick them up.
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
oh, I fought a covenant enemy with one of those swords, but it shattered upon his death.
there are a couple things like that like the raiths always blow up and the one time you find an intact one, you cant get in it, then the flood gets you :0
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
this is halo 1 for the PC
yeah, you have to kill the flood in halo 1 too the raiths are in halo one, you just cant get in em
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
there is a mod posted here on how to drive a wraith in halo 1.
I saw
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
I only have trial.
do you mean the dude in level one behind the door
its actually like the 3rd level
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
level 4, to be exact.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece6 years ago
Yeah, in halo 2 and 3 you can pick them up.
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
this is halo 1 for the PC
I know
In halo 3 any slash with the energy sword is instant death. the different moves is trigger=lunge&swipe and b(melee) is swipe.
Are you sure?

yes. unless they have oversheilds or something...
dude it not about the jump it about the crosshairs bein red then u gut em like a fish
Lockey6 years ago
i know how to lock a banshee, and its annoying when noobs use rockets, fuels, and shees. but shees are actually fairly easy to kill with a shotgun or plasma grenade.
DJ Radio (author)  Lockey6 years ago
Does anyone really care? I can do all that too.
Lockey6 years ago
adn btw youcan kill a banshee with one charged plasma pistol shot and two shotgun shots
Lockey6 years ago
yes ppl go inline on halo 1 and 2. its popular on pc
for the most part i agree with u but i im the ultimit pwn-asaurus with the rocket launcher if u think it sucks u are missing out it takes a wile to get ust to the speed of the rocket the fuel-rod to. also the banshee is pretty good.
dynno976 years ago
3rd Pic: Any Two bit person can do dat! I found mah own Easter Eggz in halo trial. PLAYZ WITH ME. DO you know alt codez?
goeon dynno976 years ago
Whats the point of alt codes
dynno97 goeon6 years ago
Alt codes make everything fun :)
DJ Radio (author)  dynno976 years ago
lol, lets arrange a battle tomorrow. no, I dont know alt codez.
kk You got xfire?
DJ Radio (author)  dynno976 years ago
hey can u arrange a battle with me on halo trial
tomman6 years ago
how do you lock a banshee
DJ Radio (author)  tomman6 years ago
step 1 has an image on that. But just get on the base (blood gulch only), get in a banashee, and hover it at the area between the teleporter and the 2 walls. Try to make it fit in between. Good luck!
dude finally some one who knows how to deal with noobs without being a noob themselves....i like the plasma rifle with the shotgun but the best combo in my opinion is the pistol and sniper. i snipe a ton and when some one tries to mess with me i bust a cap with the pistol. lol. 4 head shots and they are dead. epic win. but shot guns are great shee slayers because when they fly down to run you over you just blast a few times and they will die pretty quick. good instructable haha
knex_mepalm6 years ago
Lol, I'll give you all 3 tips which don't require an Instructable.
1)Don't stop moving when you are playing, as soon as you stay still you are prone to everything that can cause death.
2)Remain aware of your Environment, don't stand at a corner waiting to be shot.
3)Always switch weapons because you never know when you can run out
of ammo. I reccomend shotgun for Halo Live since most players and snipers.
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
1. I always do that, unless I am sniping and enimies don't know it. Then I stay still and don't try to appear on the radar. 2. I do that too 3. I just reload my guns after every firefight, that's it. I pick up ammo when it's convienent.
I forgot my 4th tip. Try practising your hit-and-run skillz. They are lethal when used correctly. This as well-If ya gunna shoot sumone, don't just stand there, press the **** trigger. Halo gave me a fast reaction! <br/>Oh, can you spread this- I don't want an avatar/pic cause I don't want. I'm not a nub!!! WHAT HAPPNED TO MY SPELL CHECK BUTTON!! <br/>
P>S> I don't use my grenades cause I dun want to. I get obliterated b4 it happens :(
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
plasma grenades work against banashees.
Really? For me they just bounce off and come back to casue my death!!
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
are you sure those arent frag grenades? plasma grenades are blue.
Yeah blue ones and grey ones. Treid both earlier. I suicided like 8 times....so sad
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Are you sure you are in halo 1? Darthgeckoman can testify that I have killed him in that way.
Yep. Maybe either my or your computer is glitched?
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
no, according to the halo website, plasma grenades are supposed to stick to enemy targets, including moving vehicles.
arcording to..... Hey it worked, finally. Maybe i missed but not so sure. Ill get a pict soon of my dad inside it sitting there. And i'll test it 20 times
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
maybe you just missed.
I never miss! Saying that I do is a horrible insult! I tested it in 10 mins b4 the post! It only stick in the positing he wwas in i.e the middle, I always throw at the wings hoping for it to tunnel out!
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
aim for the main body, preferably the front or the underside. I miss sometimes in halo, and I rule at the game.
Is your name DJ Radio on Halo as well?
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Nope. Its yunggunna, my halo name at school until the game got banned.
It says up there its DJ Radio on the 'ible
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
I changed my halo gamertag.
Nice, I doubt i'm better than you
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Do you wanna play me? if you accept, come into the chatroom (IRC room)
No, Ty I don't want people which are obviously better than me versing me cause bcmy strategy is immune but predictable.
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
I have a great reaction in the game, I dont wait to shoot someone, unless I am reloading or something.
Derin DJ Radio6 years ago
Also,active camouflage would help when playing CTF.
DJ Radio (author)  Derin6 years ago
If you are carrying the flag, it doesnt help. I know some noobs who thought they were invisible, but I still saw their flag, so I shot them.
freerunnin16 years ago
i hate heavy weaponry i prefer shot guns snipers and the assault rifle, the thing is i have fast reactions but when i use them my aim goes :S btw i suck :-P lol
oh and i know how to unlock banshees :D but i like locking one and using the other to see the guys online run but its only the people that suck worse thn me
DJ Radio (author)  freerunnin16 years ago
the worst noobs actually try to unlock the banashees if they are locked.
Derin DJ Radio6 years ago
its actually simple hint:rlauncher warthog shot
DJ Radio (author)  Derin6 years ago
You dont need rockets...
Derin DJ Radio6 years ago
No other way worked when I was experimenting on LAN.
DJ Radio (author)  Derin6 years ago
Derin6 years ago
I've spent hours of spawn-shoot-die-shout noob-ride banshee-lose connection-snipe-die-spawn-shoot-ride-die-shout noob... I better don't post the real sequence. Here is the result:
DJ Radio (author)  Derin6 years ago
lol tied for first.
Derin DJ Radio6 years ago
and no second
DJ Radio (author)  Derin6 years ago
Everyone on the blue team beat the red team.
Emsaid6 years ago
lol... Nuclearman~ (is that you??)
DJ Radio (author)  Emsaid6 years ago
M not gonna bother answering because it's right in the ible.
Emsaid6 years ago
Plasma pistol is good is you let it charge then shoot someone and finish them with a pistol or shotgun
Emsaid6 years ago
I think nubs also over use grenades (i play online as Captain Molo
alfpwns6 years ago
i have this 4 the Xbox360
Why are you playing on Trial when the full version and CE are so much better? Seriously, the full version is only like, 10 or 20 bucks, and CE is free to download once you purchase the full.
DJ Radio (author)  NuggetWarmer6 years ago
I got the full version a few months after I posted this.
dynno976 years ago
Play with me! Mah user is £×±¶uni§he®
DJ Radio (author)  dynno976 years ago
tomorrow. Its late now.
dynno976 years ago
Suckz! Yo DJ, You got Xfire? I wanna go against u inz Halo Trial
Double E6 years ago
I have Halo 1,2,and 3, Halo 1 as you may no is on the regular xbox as is Halo 2, Halo 3 Xbox 360. I've beaten Halo 3 on Heroic and now am playing it on Legendary. The guns I use the most are the assault rifle,battle rifle,shotgun,and the sniper rifle. I do agree with N-striker that the needler is a noob gun and is way to powerful in Halo 3.
grevious6 years ago
where did you download your trial version of halo 1? i wouldnt mind playing it.
DJ Radio (author)  grevious6 years ago
Go and google halo trial download.
Doom Xombie6 years ago
I personally find this a bit limiting, especially considering that the weapons are there for a reason. When I play I like to win, regardless of whether or not my enemy respects me at the end of it. I've also played some of my friends in banshee gunfights. Results: if there a sniper they can't handle it very well and if they are an assault rifle person they do a lot better. I figured that the snipers had relied on their stealth and some cunning when they were sniping but the assaulters preferred to used brute force and tactics.
DJ Radio (author)  Doom Xombie6 years ago
I mean, if you win, it should be with honor. I have played games where all my opponents were shee noobs, but I still win the full 25 while the second place dude has single digits. and The best weapon combo I figured out was the pistol (for medium ranged individual combat) and the shotgun (for combat against vehicles and close range individual combat)
No I completely get what your saying its just that a lot of the games that I've done total sniper most people get ... I'll just say annoyed, but they don't see me as honorable they see me as a coward that can't do anything but hide. This is the attitude whenever I spawn kill or haven't used my pistol recently. Just wanted your thoughts on this. Also most of them aren't noobs they just use assault weapons like the shotgun and machine gun alot.
DJ Radio (author)  Doom Xombie6 years ago
PS, There is no honor if you die. Honor is a fool's prize.
DJ Radio (author)  Doom Xombie6 years ago
Its not a good idea to do a total sniper from a sniper spot unless you can get to the secret sniper spots (there are 2 in blood gulch). Take a shotgun in case others try to get ther as well or you run out of sniper ammo and you need to get more
tieske1256 years ago
a noob doesn't know how to spell banshee :S
yerjoking6 years ago
I don't think using Fuel rods or Rlaunchers are for nubs, I don't use them often but I can get a good hit on snipers with a Fuel Rod, either way nice instructable, you should get halo 3!
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
nah, I take people who have fuel rods down with a sniper rifle. And retain most of my health along the way.
No no fuel rods are great, Rocket launchers are just too visible to snipers. They have a lot of time to get out of the way. :) I'm pretty good with a sniper rifle but I suck at close-quarters...
DJ Radio (author)  A good name6 years ago
I think your logic is a bit flawed. A fuel rod has extra limited range, due to the heavy projectile not having enough power like a rocket launcher. A sniper can be on the cliff and snipe some fuel rod noob on the blue base. and I have taken fuel rod noobs down with a sniper at close quarters too. ps, if he is close enough, a shot from a rocket launcher is inevitable death.
A fuel rod does have limited range... maybe I'm just playing the campaign too much... I've never killed anyone at close range with a sniper, but yeah you're right a sniper can take out someone easy. But that means going to the effort of getting into a sniper spot... and halo sniper spots aren't amazing in my book (I normally play as a sniper). PS: You're right.
DJ Radio (author)  A good name6 years ago
lol, this is mostly multiplayer focused, so I understand. I have taken ppl out with a sniper (too many times to count), and halo sniper spots have unlimited plasma grenades, which stick and can instantly kill. Plus, there is a secret sniper spot that is really hard to get to, and impossible for a gun like a fuel rod to shoot there. I myself have only been there 2 times before.
Hmm... I rarely play the map you seem to play... I like to play ones that have lots of good hiding spots, that one's just too open for me... Of course I do like have a two player shee-war in that map :D
DJ Radio (author)  A good name6 years ago
I only have trial, you must have the full version.
Oh I have H2 for Xbox...
DJ Radio (author)  A good name6 years ago
lol, When im close enough that they can take me out without committing suicide, I have to be very accurate with the sniper, without scope. most times, this works. A pistol is much better for medium range combat tho
gmjhowe6 years ago
leading at all? i couldn't see anything about it in my skim through..
DJ Radio (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
what do you mean?
DJ Radio (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
Derin6 years ago
I want to setup halo AGAIN.
Derin Derin6 years ago
Which I am doing...
Der Bradly6 years ago
cool, i just added some stuff to the stratagy step.

5* and favorited
and i just found this