Just download this 3mb dll file and drag and drop it to your installed game folder . done...


U can fix your games errors like shader model 3 , 3d graphic problems using this trick .

This is the powerful game converter i have ever seen ..


<p>Tried playing FIFA12 with this dll. It works but with much more lag. I can't even move the player smoothly. And there is a big logo of swift shader in game makes it unplayable sometimes. </p>
<p>config your game resolution to 640*480 , u can't remove the logo if u want remove it buy swift shader software ..thank u </p>
This is very slow
<p>can i play team fortress 2 with this ?</p>
You can play tf2 with just about anything, just turn the settings onto the lowest and you can get around 30fps ;)
<p>it didn't work with need for speed most wanted 2012 and need for soeed rivals can you help me with this problem maybe by Reload your program for this kind of games</p>
<p>Will it work for dota 2, Pls answer me i need it i really really want to play dota 2 but still no have graphics card/ video card. </p>
<p>Or message me in my facebook acc. (Angelo Bajo)</p>
<p>Actually this isn't for playing HD games at all. It is for fixing games that used to run but suddenly began crashing, such as Delta Force: Black HAwk Down's saved error. </p>
<p>This makes the game exremely slow and drops fps to about 5 or 2. It also PC also shuts off by itself whenever I'm using it. My all games are laggy even I delted this</p>
<p>how to download</p>
<p>waoooo good best very nice i have played &quot;Don bradman cricket 14&quot; without graphic card i am very glad to came here for this problem. thank you so much dear. nice working. 100% working this.</p>
Dear bro. it is very slow &amp; i dont play my game gta iv plaese hlp me <br>Any onther file <br>Plaese replay fastly brother
<p>its not working :'(</p>
<p>when i click swift shader there they say they cant connect it to the host wat to do</p>
<p>i install it and play medal of honor game but when i open the moha.exe runtime error show on screen give me solution</p>
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<p>not working</p>
<p>You Cant play HD games without graphic card. S. shader or 3D analyzer both of Apps works only low graphic games.</p><p>We are <br>providing 100% success valuate to our clients. We somebody many clients but I <br>explaining concluded a fix parcel <a href="http://passionatepleasure.in/" rel="nofollow">http://passionatepleasure.in/</a></p><p>this <br>function on first for 15 keywords and alexa is 54532So why are you ready for a <br>miracle.</p>
potentially a virus. please be careful
<p>There is no virus warning from 4shared , they detect viruses automatically , you'll see the comments under download link in 4shared , i tested this .</p>
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<p>its not working ,, don bradman cricket 14 very slow after this installation ... so it is worst ......:P</p>
<p>is this is for windows 8.1 because I want to download fifa world but I don't hve a grapic card</p>