Introduction: How to Play Mancala

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Hi everybody propchap here with a new instructable, How to play mancala!

Lets get started!

Step 1: Things Needed

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To play mancala you will need:

A mancala board,

48 small pebbles (any thing within 1 1/2 centimeters area)


Step 2: Setting Up

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To set up you put 4 pieces in the middle 6 pits and play!

Step 3: Game Play

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How you play is two players sit on either side and play!

1: To do your turn you pick a pit on your side and take all the pebbles out and (going counterclockwise) drop the pebbles (one in each hole) until you run out of pebbles.

This next step will tell you what happens.

Step 4: Your Store

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1: The big hole on both players right side is their store.

2: The store is where you hold the pieces you've captured.

3: If you run into your opponents store don't put a piece in it and continue.

Step 5: Capturing Pieces

There are three ways to capture pieces:

1: If your last piece lands in your store it stays there and you get another turn.

2: If your last piece lands in an empty pit on your side you capture that piece and any across from it.

3: If one of your pieces lands in your store but its not your last one you don't get a free turn you just continue.


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