This Instructable is to teach you how to play various different ways of the ABC game while you are on a road trip.
You may have already heard or played this game before but if you haven't this Instructable is for you!  I almost always play this
when I am on a road trip, it's seriously fun for all ages.

There are several different ways to play the game.  I will just go over a few of the ones that I know.  Of course, you can always personalize the game to you or your family by coming up with your own rules.  That's part of the fun.

Step 1: Sign, Sign...everywhere a Sign.

You can start out playing the game using signs.

1. Look for signs on the side of the road or highway
2. Start out with the letter "A" and find that letter on the sign somewhere
3. Continue with the letter "B" and so forth...
4. You can play as a team by trying to finish the whole alphabet before you reach your destination.
5. Or you can play competitively and whoever finds the most letters wins.

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