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Many of you have not seen the movie Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, so you may not know what I'm talking about. Questions is a simple game that requires no no equipment, just and imaginative mind.
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Step 1: Scoring, Rules and Fouls.

Picture of Scoring, Rules and Fouls.
Scoring is done by foul. Fouls can be called for:

Statement: Player fails to reply with an actual question.
Hesitation: Player takes too long to reply or grunts or makes a false start.
Repetition: Player asks a question identical to or synonymous with one already asked this game.
Rhetoric: Player asks a rhetorical question.
Non-Sequiur: Player responds with an unrelated question.

R: We could play at questions.
G: What good would that do?
R: Practice!
G: Statement! One - love.
R: Cheating!
G: How?
R: I hadn't started yet.
G: Statement. Two - love.
R: Are you counting that?
G: What?
R: Are you counting that?
G: Foul! No repetitions. Three - love. First game to...

Step 2: Winning.

Picture of Winning.
When a foul is called on a player, his opponent is awarded one point. first player to get three points wins a game. Matches are played best out of 3 games.

Step 3: Other things you can do.

In one multilayer variant, the game is played with two lines facing each other. The two opponents at the heads of the lines play each other and go to the back of the line (or the other line) when they foul. Scoring can be however you like.

In another multilayer variant, players are simply removed from the round for a foul.
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asteadman11 months ago
Is it surprising that this is the first Instructable that made me grin from the opening pic to the end of the comments?
fzumrk asteadman11 months ago

That's a foul. Rhetorical question.

sobeit4211 months ago
Haven't seen the film read the play one of my favourites
amandagrrl11 months ago
I love love love this movie. Question Tennis is a great game, especially when your opponent doesn't know you're playing.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
You should add this to the upcoming game contest
Jake-off (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
theres a game contest coming up?
Jake-off (author)  nagutron7 years ago
oh, cool thank you
is it finally over?
snoyes nagutron7 years ago
nagutron snoyes7 years ago
I lol'd.
watchmeflyy11 months ago

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead -- I loved it! Nice tutorial. :3

pleabargain6 years ago
I use this in my classes with my HS students. Fabulous way to get them to slow down, think and stop reacting.
pdub776 years ago
a friend and i did this scene in an acting class i took in college. fantastic movie! one of my favorites. statements, i know, but i know which way the wind is blowing.
Jake-off (author) 7 years ago
snoyes Jake-off7 years ago
How do you play?
Jake-off (author)  snoyes7 years ago
Didn't you read the instructable?
snoyes Jake-off7 years ago
Is that important to the game?
Jake-off (author)  snoyes7 years ago
don't you think so?
snoyes Jake-off7 years ago
Hadn't you told me to think "la"?
Jake-off (author)  snoyes7 years ago
i'm sorry, what did you say?
snoyes Jake-off7 years ago
Comma splice. Statement.
Jake-off (author)  snoyes7 years ago
Cheating! not one of the rules
Are you sure?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
did no one read the rules?
Who reads?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
don't you?
Isn't it obvious?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
isn't what obvious?
Isn't it all?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
what are you playing at?
pdub77 Jake-off6 years ago
words. they're all we have to go on.
Weren't we playing a game?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
what game?
Isn't it all a game?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
what do you mean by that?
What does any of it mean?
Jake-off (author)  masterochicken7 years ago
what do you mean by that?
snoyes Jake-off7 years ago
Repetition! 2-love.
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