Step 2: Piano basics

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Before you can begin to play, you should learn some basic parts of the piano.


On a normal piano, the keyboard is the horizontal row of keys that you use to play the music.

Keys are the individual units that you must press down when you want to play a note.

Most pianos have three pedals at their base that you use to alter or sustain a note that you are played.

'Music Rack:'
Used to hold your sheet music.
lasersage6 years ago
"Most pianos have three pedals"? you must hang out with some fancy pianists. I always thought only grands (baby grands and upright grands too) had three pedals. Right for sustain, left for mute and the third middle pedal (only present on some pianos) for practice, permanent semi mute. I'm sure you know all this because you're instructable is pretty nice and complete but I thought I'd mention it all just in case anyone reading it wanted to know. Nice 'ible
my upright electric clavinova has 3