Introduction: How to Play Woodsball

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This is a guide to play woodsball, or, scenario paintball

Step 1: Getting a Gun/ Barrel

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For paintball, you need a gun

I recommend a good sturdy gun, like a tippmann model 98, A-5. or

Other guns, like Spyders or pumps, can work very well

If you already have a good working gun, i would recomend a good, acurate after-market barrel. If you have the extra green, get a barrel with multiple insert bores. If you have a tippmann, get a flatline, cause nothing will work as well with that type of gun.

Step 2: The Uniform

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As part of this instructable, I need to talk about saftey.
First- Paintballs can hurt
Second- always wear a paintball rated saftey mask

Now back to buisness...

Get yourself some good camo, or a ghillie suit. These will help hide you from the enemy. Army surplus duds will work well, but ghillie will give you some extra hiding ability.

Bonus question: Can you see the guy?

Step 3: Tactics

Picture of Tactics

Finding cover
-the best defense is to get your a** behind a good old oak
-use your camo to mimic your environment, that sometimes works better than the tree

- one way to kill fools is to stalk. Stand, you will walk, legs slightly spread, enough so that the legs of your pants do not rub together, thus making no noise. when you step, roll the outside of your foot on to the inside, reducing step noise.

Sorry if I could not explain things too well, drop a comment if you have any questions!

Step 4: Taking Down Iron Gaints

Picture of Taking Down Iron Gaints

I thought this part was needed, as the number of tanks on modern paintball fields increases.

One way to take them down is to get a nerf rocket launcher, take a shot, and laugh as the beast trundles to the dead box

Or you could chuck a paintball grenade at the massive tin can. Examples are Tippmann Squadbusters of Specops F Bombs.

Step 5: Other Stuff

Picture of Other Stuff

When you go to a field the following items can save your a**

-extra air tank
-own paint (cuts costs)
-map of field
-handheld radios
-extra caSH
- paper towles
-lens cleaner

Watch for next instructables: how to be a paintball sniper and how to make a gun repair kit


the ultimate smaug (author)2014-06-01

I found the guy! yay!

HaylingZar (author)2012-06-23

I want to get into paintball but I can not find any local clubs or anything like that. Does anyone know if there are clubs that operate nationwide in the UK?

j7hs0991 (author)HaylingZar2013-07-16

Combat Splat

th3_v1k1ng (author)2012-06-24

easy when you have this.. lol

35Timmy (author)2012-03-17

don't forget the barrel length for example i would rather have a 12 inch long barrel then a 3 yard long barrel unless your going into snipe or marksman

bob the builder #1 (author)2008-04-03

that's giants?????

if thats a question your awnser is giants as of vehicle like a paintball version of a army tank or even a golf cart or a atv just about any vehicle can be used like a tank even wheelchairs, i would hate to not involve a handicap when it's avalible remember all people have rights even if they are mentally disabled or handicap it's good to give a hand i would rather give a hand then discriminate

sammyhond1 (author)2010-11-25

how do i get the paint out my ghillie?????

Darthscout (author)sammyhond12011-03-21

not to hard. use a thick paint brush or a paint sponge. or just a towel. dab at it. don't wipe, it will make it harder to get out. Good Luck!

sammyhond1 (author)Darthscout2011-03-22

ty but got my own way for it now :) i just let it dry we got a heating place for drying wet cloths so i let the paint dry and just spray it over in camo collors / paterns and every time it looks still great got 7 spray cans with camo collors in it and it doesnt get hard becouse its a special dye some thing like u paint ur ghillie(the jarn) in the 1st time but then in spray cans and the paintball paint just bend it some time and its solved ^^ i can get that spray cans cheap becouse its a fabric who makes them i know some 1 there ;) so works fine for me but ty any way for ur reply

Darthscout (author)sammyhond12011-05-22

you welcome...i've been playing for about 6 years. it's kind funny to look at what people say that you "need" when it is okay to have it. like a full auto marker. And paintgrenades...

jaredmidgett (author)Darthscout2012-01-19

yea i entirely agree with ya there.
those things are nice to have but you become a better player without them

Molybdenum (author)2011-11-27

That's whats called an "ad populum" logical fallacy. 100 people can be 100 times as wrong. Data, on the other hand...

You don't necessarily need a fast loader to shoot fast, you need a fast loader that can shoot faster than your gun to insure it won't chop (as I said before). This of course does not apply so much with the plethora of "speedball guns" which all come with anti-chop eyes.

Tank regs are not always as consistent as secondary regulators. This is why they tend to cost about half as much as decent on gun regulators.

I still agree, neon is hilarious in the woods. More and more however, I see the older and more experienced woodsball and scenario players using OD or flat black minis, PMRs, eteks, VIbes, and other mid end "speedball" guns.

To each his own, however. If you have more fun with a 98c and I have more fun with an etek, it makes sense for each of us to use our respective marker. I simply believe that in terms of performance to price ratio for a beginning setup, you get much more for a so called "speedball" setup. In large part, this is because the guns involved are tailored for the most competitive and intense form of paintball around: tournaments. In a tournament setting your gun has to work perfectly and shoot accurately all the time every time, or you lose points and get mowed. In woodsball, the only requirement is that your gun has to shoot paint fast (velocity wise) enough that it breaks. I've gotten plenty of eliminations with a pirahna that shot 230 +/- 30 over the chrono and shot a spread the size of a small car at 120 feet.

the "wow shammy" (author)2010-07-14

i've been thinking of getting in to paintball but don't know which guns are best for a beginner, are there any suggestions on good guns under $150?

spider mr1 sniper kit off amazon 136 dollars comes with marker remote line 20oz co2 tak 6pods pod harness lube mask and a squeege

ToddisI (author)the "wow shammy"2011-07-15

if u want a good woods ball gun ide go for the tipmann 98... if u want a gun good for both woods ball and speedball.... go with something like the azoding blits which is an AMAZING starter gun and u wont regret buying!

from what i hear the spyder extra is a good gun

A good gun for under a $150 bucks is a tippmann 98, but if you have the extra cash you can get a tippmann a-5 for $180. I own a a-5 and i its perfect i put a flatline barrel, SAW stock, rap4 rail, Rap4 super sniper scope 3-12X50, a bipod, and a response trigger on it. It's amazing with the cyclone feed system I highly recomend it. It is very customizable (as i just explained) My gun with all the upgrades cost me ove $650 bucks but you don't have to go that far with it, because it's a good gun by it's self. But a flatline ($80-$110) makes it rock when set up properly.


if youre just getting into paintball, go with a Tippmann a5 or 98. That's all there is to it. I bought a 98 5 years ago and still use it today with all stock parts. Yeah, I've bought other guns (couldn't help it) but the Tippmann still works like a dream

Sure you could spend the money to buy a Tippmann, but Tippmann guns are structured such that they almost require immediate upgrades. If you don't have the cyclone feeder, you'll want it, or a least a better electronic hopper. The stock barrel on the 98 and A5 are terrible, and you'll want to upgrade that from the get-go. The trigger is heavy and slow and you may want to replace it. Then there is the question of stocks and such, and it just becomes a money pit on a gun that isn't that great to begin with. You will outgrow it as a player fairly quickly. Go for the best Azodin marker you can afford, bearing in mind that unless you go to a commercial field, you will also HAVE to buy your own mask and tank before you can even play.

Molybdenum (author)2011-11-13

You need a fast loader to make sure you don't chop paint. If your loader feeds 20bps, you are practically guaranteed to have a ball completely in the breech when you pull the trigger.

The barrel (and this has been scientifically proven) has no effect of significance on accuracy, especially when compared to user error and paint quality. In reality, a spherical projectile has a limited accuracy anyway, so accuracy by area saturation is highly effective.

A regulator will improve velocity consistency, which both helps you chrono closer to limit and tightens your groupings to a point.

I can see why someone in a bright jersey would be laughable in brush, but give a man in camo an ego and you completely change the game.

Molybdenum (author)2011-11-06

For the price of an x-7 you can get a used SP vibe, a CF tank, and a nice loader. It will be faster, lighter (don't act like that's a disadvantage), regulated(therefore probably more accurate) and you can use the tank and loader on a more expensive gun in the future.

K.G.T. (author)2011-09-03

you can only see his outline, not actually him. but the box gives him away.

supershot1 (author)2011-02-13

sorry i actually can..,.

Joenavy85 (author)supershot12011-08-20

it's easy when you know there is somebody there, and when there is a box around him

Xthinker (author)2011-06-24

i can see a dark spot thats it!!!! good job

Broncobogger (author)2011-04-07

thanks for the tips will use them

deer-slayer51 (author)2008-11-07

ive maid grenades b4 it is a lot of fun to thro at yur frends all day but if u make paint w/corn starch and boil water use the paint fast and dont make a lot it gets all jeloy and gets ruined trust me it sucks i made two gallons of it then made like 6 grenades used em on frends and then took a break u no did sumthin else for a while came back and it was so thick it wouldn't go in the sprayer so just use old paintballs or buy mine fill.

peach_fart (author)deer-slayer512008-11-08

dude, learn how to spell and use periods.

deer-slayer51 (author)peach_fart2008-11-10

ill spell how i want.................... .... .. . .... . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .. . . .. . .

this spelling thing has gone way too far.

Darthscout (author)spotty mcgee2011-03-21

No body can spell anymore...

luongoo (author)deer-slayer512009-03-15

Dearslayer u posted on 2012 comment board?

oblatsky (author)peach_fart2009-01-04

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Derin (author)oblatsky2009-01-17

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oblatsky (author)Derin2009-01-17

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luongoo (author)oblatsky2009-02-04

i think spelling wont matter much like this i tink speling won mata mush lik tis prity shure u can undastend reigt?

jmeister15 (author)luongoo2010-03-28

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Rotten194 (author)luongoo2009-03-15

yiesh d00d Spiilieng dunt mutter LOL >_> <_

luongoo (author)Rotten1942009-03-15

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oblatsky (author)peach_fart2009-01-17

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yew awe vuwy thtupad

Darthscout (author)2011-03-10

ok for one you do not need an extra a co2 tank if you go to an actual paintball field. second radios are a waste of time. use hand signals. third paper towles are always good to have. the field might have some too. FOURTH! YOU DO NO NEED HAND GRENADES . AND DO NOT KEEP THEM IN YOUR POCKET......bad things happen, they will fall out and you will pop them, lose them and whatnot. happy hunting.

i0iD (author)2011-02-25

That great thx for your help.

Egor22 (author)2011-01-09

1. If you want to stalk You better stay in cover and stay low
2. Its hard to stalk in paintball
But thanks for tips on other things and nice instructable

legoboy1219 (author)2010-09-30

i saved up my money for about 6 years for a nice paintball gun. if you save up or have the cash, a fantastic marker is the bob long mtac. i have a ninja 68/4500 and dye rotor.

yourworstnightmare (author)2010-08-13

how do u get pain out of a ghillie suit ur not supposed to wash a ghillie

Rock Soldier (author)2009-08-20

There are paintball tanks? Where could you possibly buy one?

mg0930mg (author)Rock Soldier2009-08-25

They're alot....You might be able to find them online somewhere, who knows.

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