A podcast is just an mp3 file. It can hold audio content, like music or talking.

A podcast with no content is sort of boring.

So you have to figure out what your podcast will be. Will you start your own radio talk show? Will you share your musical compositions with the world? What is your goal with this podcast? Before you do anything else, you need to figure this out.

Step 1: Recordificate

Once you've figured out what you want to be in your podcast, the next step is to record it. You don't need lots of fancy software and hardware for this. You simply need a microphone of some sort and some recording software (same goes for recording yourself playing music).

You can get a microphone for your computer very cheaply almost anywhere. I got one from a yard sale for 10 cents. Just plug it in and fire up your recording software.

I also have a sandisk sansa e250, which comes with a voice recording feature. It records to .wav files, which are easily convertible to .mp3. You could even record yourself using an old cassette recorder and then rip it to .mp3 if you like.

For the software, you can use the free audio software audacity. Windows also comes with the stupidest sound recorder ever which nonetheless will work for this if you insist on using it. If using the non-vista version of windows sound recorder, just record some audio and copy/paste it until you have an audio file of the length you want to record for. Then record over it.

So get a microphone, get some audio software and record your content! Then you can publish it.

Would a Microphone that they use on the news work?
Haha, sure, as long as you find some way of connecting it to your computer.
ok. :3
Link on step 3 is broken. <br/><br/>It says File: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://podcast.redevelopments.co.uk/">http://podcast.redevelopments.co.uk/</a><br/><br/>The File is what's messing it up.<br/>
Ah, thanks for pointing that out. The whole thing needs a bit of a rewrite; I'll work on that when I get a moment.
IT took me about 45 minutes to finally get a podcast uploaded to itunes....
How can I do it where it can be live on a server that's only on when you do the podcast?
Now, my question is, do you have to update the rss file everytime you upload a new podcast? How does that work, exactly?
No, you don't have to update it every time. The RSS file, if set up properly, will automatically check for new material you've uploaded every so often and either inform subscribers or download it for them, depending on what settings they have set.
my security system (McAffee) doesnt like bravenet.com any advice?? drmjj55
Hm, I would try a different webhost then. There are tons and tons of free ones, a quick google search will turn up more than you could ever hope to use. :)
all this information is familiar
Yes, but this was a burning question. it was requested, so I made it. :D
Do you have your own podcast?
Nope. Did I leave something out?
idk lol
no u got it off da web
I got the code from another site. But aside from that, this is my original work. It just seems familiar because you know how all this works. I didn't copy anybody.
There is something about RSS files that does not yet make sense to me. I have subscribed to Podcasts through iTunes without doing anything with an RSS file. Also, does one simply use the RSS format you have shown in your Instructable and change the pertinent information? Thanks.
Ah, but you <em>have</em> used an RSS file.<br/><br/>Sort of.<br/><br/>You see, the RSS file is uploaded after the mp3 file, and &quot;points&quot; to the actual podcast. When you subscribe to podcasts using itunes, you are actually copy/pasting the URL into the itunes podcast downloading software (you can use other software to subscribe to podcasts though. They aren't just for ipods.), and the software &quot;reads&quot; the RSS file, which tells it where to go and gives it information about the podcast.<br/><br/>You have to <em>make</em> an RSS file to publish your own podcast though, and then upload it. <br/><br/>And yes, you are correct, you just change the pertinent information. Again, it may not work with all sites, so I suggest using the link in step 3 to automatically make it if you have trouble with it.<br/>
Thanks for clarifying that for me. I have read about this on the Internet, but nothing connected the missing dots before.
You're welcome.
Are you going to put it in the burning questions round 6 contest?
Already have.
Nice and simple. a word of note, the RSS code you posted should be in preformatted tags <br/><br/>{<sup>3</sup> ( {{{ )<br/>code<br/>}<sup>3</sup><br/>

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