Introduction: How to Polish a Bullet

hello everyone.

Step 1: Me...........................

ok its just me i may look weird but thats fine.

Step 2: How to Polish

first get the brasso and the bullet mine was .25 (just a bit bigger than .22) caliber and some paper towels next get the bullet and put it on the paper towel
now get the brasso and pour it on the bullet making sure it covers it all now leave it 10 minutes once it has been 10 minutes wipe
the polish off it will look dark but then OMG its so shiny.

Step 3: The Finished Product

that is it an extermely shiny bullet from a luger.


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Bio: My name is Christian Morris. I am twelve years old, 13 this month. My interests are: Downhill MTB, IT and Mechanics.
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