How to Potentially Harm Yourself and Others With an Egg





Introduction: How to Potentially Harm Yourself and Others With an Egg

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Let me start off by saying that there is absolutely no reason that this object I'm about to show you should exist on this planet. It was created solely for my own sick pleasure, and of course to win this contest.

Right then, off we go. Gather round to begin this magical journey...

Step 1: Materials

We start with an egg. Go get one out of your fridge. Next grab a thumbtack. Poke one hole in each end of the egg. Now blow in one hole. Yup that's right. Just do it. Hard. Now watch the egg goo come out the other end. Don't blow too hard, or else you'll crack the egg. Just go with it, it usually takes a while.

Eventually you'll get an empty egg. Now we may begin. Get some thumbtacks. Lots of them. Go to Staples or something.

Now heat up your hot glue gun. Get some glue. Lots of sticks. Lots. Seriously.

Good, now comes the tedious part.

Step 2: Begin the Transformation

Glue one tack pointy-end out on the end of the egg, right over the blow-hole. (you thought of a whale too, right?) Now surround that thumbtack in approximately six others. Like some sort of messed up flower.

Give it bigger petals, and keep expanding the rings of tacks.

You'll probably hurt yourself. It's ok, just tell yourself that you're a man and you can take it. If you're a woman, this probably isn't for you. Go submit a sewing Instructible in the Craft skills contest. Just kidding. But seriously.

Eventually you'll cover the egg. You have now created something that serves no real purpose. It's freaking cool though. Just don't throw it at your buddies. They'll hurt you, even if their left eyebrow is gushing blood. Try pretending you're the Spartans in the final fight with Xerxes. Where is your god now? Ten-thousand internets if somebody actually makes a Xerxes egg.

Keep it away from pets. Also small children. Don't leave it where people can step on it, or where villains can use it for world domination.

Good luck, and try not to kill yourselves.



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    Xerxes egg? What's that?

    Satan better gtfo my fridge, like NOW.

    I can imagine an ostrich egg covered with them...or filled with them.

    what if u filled it w/ gunpowder with a fuse sticking out one of the holes? (dont try that)

    thanks for the suggestion. i would rather try and put nitric acid and carbon monoxide in it just to see what happens (if it doesn't explode first)

    ooh wat about vinagar and bakin soda

    or that stuff you use in napalm xD you could melt your foes.

    turn it into a nest of hornets

    put uranium in it :|

    Put a mixture of 1 part oil and 1 part gasoline inside of it, glue a shoelace fuse (baked-in potassium nitrate and sugar) into the hole. Then when you light/throw it, it sticks onto your target and *pop* goes the Molotov. Seriously folks, don't try this at home.

    yeah and if u keep the pokey things on its like a frag grenade

    Easter Bunny has a little suppressed anger, hmm?

    3 replies

    Discord, what are you doing here? Are you planning something to take over Ponyville once again?

    Friendship is magic, as I had stated before! I am done with petty mischief.

    Should've kept the yolk in it. It would of sprayed everywhere when it hit something.

    1 reply

    And the reason for making one is...?

    I like how no were you say kids don't do this at home. Just, "Just don't throw it at your buddies. They'll hurt you, even if their left eyebrow is gushing blood," and then move on to playing Spartans. Hehe.