How to Pour a Beer (including Methods From a Bottle and From a Tap)





Introduction: How to Pour a Beer (including Methods From a Bottle and From a Tap)

so how does one pour a beer well

Step 1: Ready Your Mind and Body

many people wonder how to pour a beer from someplace to some other place
many people who are wondering this are most likely wondering right now how i do
if you don't get that I'll tell you
I'm 13
now that we have that out of the way
I can start
you of course need these
1. a bottle/tap of beer (I'd suggest something tasty and halfway decent)
2. a cup willing to accept said beer

Step 2: Pouring the Beer, From a Bottle or Can (cans Are Often Crappy Beer)

tilt the cup to a slight angle as seen in the picture
then begin to tilt the bottle or can into the cup allowing it to pour out (if this surprises you please read the description again)
it will slowly fill up
decrease the angle slowly as you go along

Step 3: Wrong Way

If you have the cup straight up and down the whole time that will make the beer foamy
which can be good but will make you wait for it to settle
and thats time you could be drinking it
this is also bad if you are pouring multiple drinks

Step 4: Using a Tap

I don't have much experience in this field but I have seen many people do this
go by the can and bottle method (tilt it slightly) and pull the tap lever
this will cause not much foam making it simple and delicious

Step 5: Enjoy!

Put top end of cup into mouth and tilt the cup slightly at first and continue to tilt more and more
make momentary pauses every so often and return to upright position during these pauses and breathe
this is by far the most fun of all steps
I love this part!



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    naw, what i'm drinking isn't beer, the bottle which i never opened has beer, it's coke in the cup, wow, just hit me this was 3 years ago, almost 4

    is that ur brother? cuz u said that u don't drink beer :D

    im just relaying wat ive been told no im not drinking beer and that bottle is not a root beer or any commercial product its home made dunkel weisen me and my brother made it hes 22 i dont drink it

    oh GOD! NO NO NO NO NO! You want at least 1/2" - 1" of foam. It helps the beer.... mature. If you are in too much of a hurry to wait for the foam to settle a bit then maybe you shouldnt be drinking anything but american pilsner.... in which case it really doesnt matter how much of a head you leave on it because its going to taste like water either way.

    Yes, that's how to pour a beer if you want to avoid foam. However, many beers, you actually do want the foam. Try doing a quick google search for "how to pour a guinness" for example.

    2 replies

    Luctus is right, and not only for Guinness. If your pour hasn't a 'head,' they refer to it as bruising the beer.

    Hold the glass a 45 degree angle to start, tilting upright as you pour. The rate of the pour will control the 'head.'

    But you do want to get those bubbles going--just not out of control !

    I always thought that the foam on the beer prevents it from going flat... The way you pour a beer depends on what kind of beer and glass you are using. On a wheat beer (Hefeweizen) or a guiness, you definitely can't go without the foam - It'd really be a sacrilege !!! One way to pour a wheat beer for example: pour it in a wet wheat beer glass, preventing the foam using this instructable, but start by holding the glass nearly horizontally. Leave a bit of beer in the bottle. then shake the bottle and top the beer with a heavy foam. If this is done right, the beer doesn't go flat in an hour (which is important, since wheat beer is not the kind of beer you can drink very fast... and a traditional wheat beer glass is fairly large)

    I think its coors lite (the cap is silver), and root bear glasses are (usually) shaped different than actual beer glasses.


    Isn't it kind of incriminating to post pictures of yourself online drinking when you're 13 years old?

    2 replies

    Depends on what country your are in ... Wiki link to legal drinking ages. Oh to have grown up in Europe...

    I don't know from experience, but I hear in mexico if you can see over the bar you are old enough to drink.

    The pic in step 4, is a perfectly drawn beer.... by Aussie standard's...

    Which ever beer, Aussie's like head.... (Last time in N.Z a kiwi bartender found it very funny, when I taught him how to get the correct head on my beers. The rest of the night was a constant joke for him that Aussie's liked lot's of head... Couldn't really dis-agree with him so I enjoyed the pun.... ;) considering i'm half kiwi too.)

    Speed and gradient of tilt movement + speed of pour directly affect the amount of "head".
    Pour at least 3/4 of the glass at a very sharp angle, then begin a smooth tilt to upright. the faster you tilt it to upright the more "head"....
    And remember .... please if your serving an Aussie's we like alot of head... Thank you in advance...... ;)

    Nice ible! It's surprising how many people wouldn't have a clue how to pour a draw a beer.... Good work! ;) ~*Mental note:~ Must boomark this for the
    g/f.... LoL ;)*~"