How to Prank People at School





Introduction: How to Prank People at School

This is a good prank to pull on people at school. The computers at school are all connected on the school network. If you do this right it will send messages to people continually.

Step 1: Open Notepad

First you need to open the notepad that is usually located in the start menu under accessories.

Step 2: The Actual Prank Step

Next type
"@echo off
net send library11
goto top"
be sure to type without the "".
Library11 is a computer name be sure this is right or else this will not work. You can also change the haha because that is just a message that will show up.

Step 3: Save and Use

Now save on the desktop and be sure to save as a .bat file or it will show up as a text file and will not work. Now just click on it and it will continually send messages to the designated computer.



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    this is awesome... i did it and then just watched as the librarian just started hitting the computer trying to stop it... i was pissing myself :V

    IT DO NOT SAY "HAHA"!!!????????????????

    I did this, but replaced the computer name with an *, and it went to every computer in the school district, about 6000 computers total. After crashing the network for a day, my friend asks me how to do it, so I show him. He gets caught, blaming me of course... After serving my 5 days of in school suspension, I have been banned from the computers until I graduate... So do NOT get caught, doing the same thing I did, I am just saying what you could do. (also, do not copy this to startup on several computers... ;-) )

    I call bull-$hit on you. b/c it will only go to computers on a local network, thus only the comps connected to hub / router that you are connected to. and you can't connect a whole district to one router or hub.

    Actually, this can happen because of how my school district is set up. We all log onto a server downtown. So from that server, it can go to all the computers. My friends dad, and another friend I know, setup the computers for the school district and this is what they told me. Just because you don't think it'll work doesn't mean that it won't.

    It does happen because at my school, we are all on a ring for the internet, my school and the schools around my area so if one school or the master ISP goes down, all the schools are down for the day

    you may log onto a server, but your computer is connected a router or hub. Net send will only send the message to other computers on that local network (the comps connected to the hub or router). If you could send messages outside of a hub or router then you could net send any computer in the world. I know it wont work because 1. I've tired it, 2. If it could work then you would have a pop up on your screen every couple of seconds form spammers 3. I have 3 years post secondary education with my minor being computer sciences. And its not I think it wont work, I know it wont work. If you want to net send me go ahead my ip address is, oh wait thats behind a router and is a common IP address for almost every router the world to assign. Net send only uses ip adress to send messages. thats why you can't send past a router. It could send out past a router if you were able to input in IP/CompName, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Mac Address, And the IP of the router (one given out by your ISP. So, once again I call Bull $HIT!

    right...i dont mean to show off...but im in the top 1% of year 12 in Australia and this will work the reason you dont get spam is that by defult in windows xp sp2 the messenger service is disabled look
    and here

    What state are you from?