Introduction: How to Prank Your Teacher on April Fool's Day

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April 1st can be one of the funnest days you have in class or at the office depending on whether you take advantage of the fact that you can get away with pulling prank on everyone. Here's one you can get your teacher with during class. I must warn you though, prank at your own risk and be prepared to replace the dry board eraser if needed.

You're only going to need some black shoe polish and access to your teacher's dry board eraser.

Let's get started, get to class early and before anyone sees you grab your teacher's dry board eraser and open it. 
Once opened, pour some shoe polish inside. The materials inside the eraser should easily absorb the shoe polish.
Close the eraser and put it back where you got it from, it's as simple as that.

HOW IT WORKS: Ok so during class, your teacher will be writing on the dry board and since no teacher is perfect once they make an error and need to use the eraser, while wiping, they'll smear black shoe polish all over the board.

*Make sure your teacher can take a joke, if needed replace their eraser with a new one but you can easily wash it once you have pulled off this prank. Click here to watch the instructional video!


JavaProgrammer (author)2015-03-18

how about replacing the dry erase board?

Nextraker (author)JavaProgrammer2015-03-18

It' doesn't do permanent damage my friend, just a little mess

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