How to prepare Iowa's #1 Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich


Step 2: Cut and Tenderize the Loin

weighing on the scale.jpg
inserting in the tenderizer.jpg
IMPORTANT NOTE: Skip this step if you have decided to buy your 4 ounce tenderized loin patties from a meat counter.

Be careful when handling the sharp tools.
SAFETY NOTE: Make sure you wash your hands before and after handling food, especially raw meat.

1. Place loin on cutting board

2. Grab your fillet knife and Cut the loin into approximately 3/4" wide pieces.

3. Place loin on scale and let rest until scale has settled to approximately 4 ounces.
NOTE: If they weigh more or less than 4 ounces you trim some off or add a small piece to make it work. They do not have to weigh exactly 4 ounces but the tenderizer will combine any pieces if you have more than one.

WARNING: Watch your fingers! Do not get them to close to the tenderizer blades when inserting or removing. If a loin gets stuck, shut off tenderizer and remove.

4. Insert 4 Ounce loin into the top of your tenderizer.

WARNING: Be careful when grabbing it from the bottom.

5. Grab loin when it comes out of the bottom of the tenderizer.
TIP: Run the loin through the tenderizer at least twice at different directions.

6. Now you have a Cut and Tenderized 4 ounce loin. Great Job.
SAFETY TIP: No matter how experienced you become at this, you can never be too careful. Accidents happen and no one wants to lose a finger.
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