I was not planning any instructable for this survivalist contest -- then Sandy came along and blew out the lights. Suddenly "be prepared" took on a whole new meaning. Cooped indoors for a week, alone with two restless boys, yet very thankful that the only thing I lost was my temper (briefly), this was all I could think about.

Step 1: Learning (or Not) From Experience

Last year, when Irene was menacing New York City, most people remembered the horrible images from post Katrina New Orleans and heeded the warnings: we filled up our bathtubs, cleaned out drains and gutters, raided grocery stores, stocked up on flashlights and batteries, evacuated the low zones and then stayed inside -- but besides a few downed trees the metropolitan area largely dodged the bullet, and most damage ended up being inland. Yet instead of feeling fortunate, many New Yorkers complained about the inconvenience of the false alarm, the subway shutting down for nothing, the hassle. The storm was a let-down, a disappointment, the preparations a waste.

"Be prepared" means get ready for the worst and don't count on that lucky break. Remember the bad experience and dismiss the good one. Evacuating under a blue sky, even though it might make you feel like a slightly hysterical nutcase (especially if the storm does not deliver the anticipated damage), is still much better than doing so in waist high, filthy floodwater. Some people did not evacuate because they remembered only the last storm, Irene, which missed them, and they forgot about Katrina. Some paid a heavy price.
Very well done. I am sure it is appreciated by many more than just us. NOTE: NOAA AND THE WEATER CHANNEL MAY ALSO HELP WITH IDEAS FOR SAFETY PLANNING.
A wind up radio will save you the trouble of maintaining a supply of batteries.
And wind up torches :) I never leave home without one, as batteries die - generally when you need them :) <br>Plus grab a LED or fluorescent tube camping or garage lamp - more light for less battery!
{{{{}}}} Thanks Belsey :0)
Thanks for writing this. I wish we were neighbours
But we are! We are virtual neighbors -- this is a real community
These are really good tips. I never even considered most of these things. This is definitely getting bookmarked. Now if only there were any kind of forewarning for earthquakes. . .
hmmm... the only earthquake tip I can think of off the top of my head would be for instructables to re-locate to NYC...
All great points, thanks for sharing!
Thank you for sharing what you learn and done. It help to learn from some one that has done it, not one who sit in a arm chair and think about it. And it alway good to get to know neighdor. Thank you and good luck

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