How to prepare your pieces for an outboard motor mount

I did this at TechShop Menlo Park. http://www.techshop.com
If you have a boat and an outboard motor but no mount for it this instructable may help you get started on your mission. 
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Step 1: Find free wood

Picture of Find free wood
Someone's trash may be your treasure. I highly suggest the wood scrap bin in for finding nice pieces of wood you can work with for this project. Man made layered wood is stronger but anything sturdy is good. It will be fiber-glassed by the end anyways

Step 2: Remove all screws and staples

Picture of Remove all screws and staples
You will be cutting the wood down so make sure to remove everything metal such as screws, nails and staples.

Step 3: Crate your design

Picture of Crate your design
It will basically look like a box in the end, with one angled side. You'll have to measure out your motor and the boat surface you're mounting to. The idea is to have something to tilt lift the motor when not in use and be properly submerged when in use. Use the measurements and ingenuity and begin drawing on the wood crystallizing you ideas. My measurements may not work for you so I will not include them.

Step 4: Mark you pieces

Picture of Mark you pieces
It helps to mark your pieces, not only the cut lines but also where they will go (i.e. side, back..) Use a pencil and measuring tools.

Step 5: Cut wood

Picture of Cut wood
Using either a vertical bandsaw or table saw cut your pieces to size. It's better to over-cut a bit then undercut as you can always sand down you pieces to perfection. Wear safety goggles (not the sunglasses on my eyes but ones on my face).

Step 6: Sand down pieces

Picture of Sand down pieces
You can use either a big or a handheld belt sander.

Step 7: Pre-assemble

Picture of Pre-assemble
Put together your box using tape or your hands and make sure the pieces fit together nicely. If they don't go back to step six until it fits. Refer to my following instructables to assemble and fiber-glass your mount.