If someone ask you if zippo is good to put in survival kit you
would probably say – no it isnt ,put bic instead of zippo
Zippo is good if you are about to use it at harsh weather ,but
fuel evaporates
Usualy zippo fuel evaporates in week or two if you are not using
But still you can put them into your survival kit if you prepare
your zippo just like i did

Step 1: You Will Need:

You wont need anything expensive :
-Zippo lighter
-Zippo lighter fluid (to refill it)
-Zippo flints or Swan extra longs (to reflint it and put extra flints under felt pad)
-Zippo wick (to put new wick if the old is burned out)
-Small watertight container (to put extra fuel)
-Inner tube - 26x2.00 fits perfectly (to seal zippo)
-Scissors (to cut inner tube)
<p>Why has no one brought up the Thunderbird zippo insert, Its the equivalent to a zippo-Bic hybrid. Looks like a zippo, fuel never evaporates. Lifetime warranty, still refillable, 15$ people... amazon</p>
<p>I know i wanted to always buy that but didnt have paypal so i forgot<br>I might buy now when i have</p>
When I used to smoke (over 35 years ago) I remember getting bad burns on thigh after refilling a lighter. Your idea to use a 'rubber band' sealer may have prevented this problem. Good 'ible.
Riiight i wondered what gave me that rash there!
If your keeping flints under the felt make sure they're coated. I've had uncoated flints dissolve under the felt into powder.
<p>do the zippo brand refill flints have the coating you are talking about? Is it safe to put those ones under the felt? Thanks!</p>
<p>Good man usually better to repair then replace when it come to survival. Spare parts just take up less room than a whole replacement. </p>
Great advice! Thank you!
its been about 3 weeks now and my inner tube is starting to rub off onto my hands a bit i know i can replace the inner tube any way thank you for a great way to store my zippo
Great idea!
This was worth it for the inner-tube idea alone! <br>Great KISS principle instructable. Thanks.
Sweet! Thanks!
Good idea :)
i like the ronson flint cards they dont loose the flints like the zippo holder does.
Do you read the Backwoodsman Magazine? Looks like the tip sent in by Scott Martin in the Nov/Dec issue on page 10, albeit with a few extra hints and tips. I like the extra steps you've taken. <br> <br>Qa

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