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Introduction: How to Print on Wood

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Recently, a friend of mine has told me about a method he used to print on wood or to transfer a picture to wood.

I figured this will be a perfect gift for my gf and I started working on it, in this guide i will show you how you can print on wood very easily and almost for free.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Materials

You will need:

  • A saw
  • Wood glue
  • Tape
  • Sand paper
  • A wooden stick
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A file
  • A paper
  • Wax paper
  • A wood piece

Step 3: Mark Cutting Signs

Decide how big you want your picture to be and mark the line you will cut later.

I decided that 10 cm is enough.

Step 4: Taping the Wax Paper

Use tape to secure the wax paper to center of the paper. The reason we use sticks paper is that the ink wont dry on it, letting us transfer the picture to the wood.

Step 5: Choosing a Picture to Print

I will be doing this guide with a picture of a band I like because I prefer to stay anonymous.

Search for a picture, it has to be a high contrast one and a big one (black and white is the best).

Open the picture in a editor and change the size to fit your signs on your wood piece.

If you want to use a picture with words you should turn it horizontal.

Step 6: Printing

Print the picture on the middle so it goes on the wax paper only.

I used a regular printer I have at home.

Step 7: Transferring

Put the printed picture on the wood and press hard on it so all the details are transferred. Now remove the paper and see the results.

You can clean the wax paper so will be able to re-use it.

Step 8: Sawing and Sanding

saw according to the cutting signs, clean the edges using the file and sand paper.

Some might think this step should be done before the printing process but there is a reason for the way I do it, the transferring process is hard and you can easily ruin it (like happened to me a few times), you don't want to waste wood pieces you already worked on, just be careful on the print when cutting and sanding.

Step 9: Additions

You can sign your work and write the date using a soldering iron, burning the edges will give it a vintage look, after that spray with varnish to protect the picture.

Step 10: Stand

Mark on the stick how long it should be you can estimate it or make real measurements as in picture 2. Cut the stick and sand the head to give it an angle. Glue it and leave to dry.

Step 11: Finished!

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, please vote if you did :}

Let me know what you thought of this.

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    I thought this was a super cool and easy to follow tutorial. I especially like the look of these prints when you burned the edges. One thing I am wondering about this method is if if you can do colored prints or just black and white? I imagine the colors wont turn out as bold because of the wood colored background, however my friend had some prints done by a really cool site that prints your own image on wood for you if anyone wants to check it out: ). I love the way hers turned out and want to get mine as close to this as possible but am wondering if I could do it myself with this tutorial. Thanks for posting!

    1 reply

    Tnx for the comment :) Truth is that I'm not sure if you can print colored pictures on wood using this method. I know of some other methods that should work for that but I think I will try with this method just to check, if you do check tell me how it went.

    I don't know how much gentle he could have been about the proper wording to help your readers understand what type of paper you are talking about in your tutorial. "Sticks paper" just isn't an item that can be bought in a store. I'm sure that you meant "sticker paper" not "sticks". When writing these tutorials it does help to use the proper material names, proper terms, and spell check also would be great at times. I am a long time crafter and I do picture transfers and as I was reading your tutorial I found myself scratching my head in wonder about what sticks paper was. You also did not mention which type of printer you used. If no one would have pointed out or given proper material term suggestions to you a lot of people would have been going to the stores asking for sticks paper. The attitude that you have now presented in response to very gentle comments is uncalled for. No one was criticising your nationality, he was just trying to be helpful to you and to others and explained that to you in a very nice way. No one was mean to you about the picture you posted either. But you totally took it out of context and now are trolling your own post. If you are posting a tutorial, you should make sure that you are making it very clear to readers, as well as wisely choosing the types of pictures to go along with it. Some people do take offense to certain public figures being glorified. If you cannot be tactful and professional in your responses or do not wish to be "criticised" then perhaps you should not post on the internet.

    4 replies

    As English is not my native language the term wax paper was not familiar with me although I looked for a term, thank you for representing it to me. The printer I used is a regular HP printer.
    Thank you for commenting on my project.
    Feel free to post any other comments.

    Please also review some of my other projects.

    first sentence in first response should read "how much more gentle"

    and also, you would need to list sticks paper as wax or parchment paper.


    tried to find out what "Sticks Paper" or "paper that sticks are sold on" is. Could you please give a hint? maybe a link?



    1 reply

    thank you for helping us understand this tutorial better. shaking my head about sticks paper still

    when did this app turn into a debate podium? it is a "how to make" app. the proper way to handle this is not to continue to challenge others but to probably take the picture down and just move on.

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    1 reply

    well said, thank you

    I'm unfamiliar with "stick paper". Are you perhaps referring to "Sticker backing paper"? It is sometimes called release paper, though it is not very common.

    There are two types of common printers- laser printers and ink jet. Both can be used to accomplish your technique, but they use different methods. By specifying that you are using an inkjet printer, you will help your reader follow your guide.

    I had assumed that you were not a native English speaker, which is why I offer suggestions for the more precise terms to use. You are, of course, free to not use them.