How to Print on Wood


Introduction: How to Print on Wood

This project was inspired by Jay's video here

Step 1: Make a Custom Tip

Grind the head of a carriage bolt flat

Sand it smooth

Step 2: Modify the Soldering Iron

Start by unscrewing the tip,

Then measure the diameter of the 'shank'.

Step 3: Installing the Custom Tip

The bolt is now filled down and cut to fit into the soldiering iron, i commend keeping it short about 10 mm or 1/4" .

Step 4: Transfer Your Design

I printed a flipped design off at school as I don't own a laser printer that uses toner ,this is essential for this to work.

Then I taped one side to my work piece then rubbing the paper with the iron a few times.

This cold be improved in many ways;

-making the tip shorter

-using car engine valve



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    nicely done.
    I have used an iron in the past with descent results. gotta use a laser printer.