I just wanted to make a small arduino for my few projects because buying a arduino for every project will be too expensive for a 15 yrs  old guy !!!!!

Step 1: Things You Need

arduino IDE
attiny files on ur arduino IDE
You can download the files given below and move the files in hardware
1- arduino uno
1- attiny 45 or 85
1- breadboard
few jumper wires
1- 10 uf capacitor

Optional (if you u want it permanent )
1- perfboard
1- 1 led any colour that u like
1- 220 ohms resistor
and some pin headers
<p>I was able to program an ATTiny 85! Thank you.</p>
<p>Hello. Can you please help me to program attiny102 using arduino. Thanks.</p>
<p>I programmed a ATTiny45 with this instructable. Thank you very much for the detailed explainations!</p>
<p>very thanks!</p>
<p>great! but,can i use this arduino further for normal projects?</p><p>i have only one arduino and i dont want remake it permanently as programmer.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
yes it's just a shield you can remove it and use your arduino normally .
<p>Thank you! Easy and really fun to build! :)</p>
<p>:) you're welcome </p>
<p>Great tutorial! Thanks!</p>
<p>You're welcome :) </p>
<p>Arduino shield without led</p>
<p>Great! </p>
<p>Thanks for the diy. I saw some boards shield made with a reset switch button, could you tell why and for what it is used??</p>
<p>To reset the code on your attiny </p>
<p>Thank you. !!!</p>
<p>purchase a shield to save frustration for only 8 bucks </p><p><a href="http://arduinomaster.myfreesites.net/attiny-programmer">http://arduinomaster.myfreesites.net/attiny-progra...</a></p>
<p>Hi, if i need two digital outputs and four analog I/Os, can ATTINY24 does the job? Do I follow the same instruction as Attiny 45?</p>
No you can't as the attiny has only 3 analog also u can follow the same procedure for attiny 24 and even 13
<p>Thx for the post... I am messing around with electronics and Arduino for years but never programmed an Attiny before... I had some Attiny45 lying around and wanted to peogram it using your shield... Made the shield according to the scheme and pics... downloaded the Tiny.zip and extracted to Arduino/hardware folder... Uploaded ArduinoISP and plugged the shield while not connected to USB... Later plugged the shielded arduino to usb and opened Blink example, selected Attiny45@8Mhz from board list and tried to upload sketch with no luck... It says:</p><p>avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device &quot;usb&quot;</p><p>Tried the same on my other WinXP pc with a different response something like:</p><p>avrdude: attiny45 not present</p><p>Any ideas why? double checked my connections...</p>
<p>if the arduino isp was uploaded perfectly then i suppose you should not face any problem and for the error i recommend you to search it on forums because i have never experienced this error before. </p>
<p>Nice tutorial! If you want to know how to do this with an Arduino Mega, check out my blog at: http://jamestav.blogspot.com/2014/08/programming-attiny85-microchip-using.html</p>
I think to program the sketches is necessary to burn the bootloader first.
<p>No. Don't bootload ATtiny. It will damages your mircocontroller.</p>
first i am impressed with you because you r just a 15yr teen...i m new to micro controllers though i studied during my college time..from few days i am looking for some info on net to make a pwm for a cheap..reliable solar charger..but i was so confused with various type of mc..as they needed first bootloader and then prog..aftrr reading your inst..i feel i got my answer..buy one uno and attiny chips for making pwm.s...great..i am glsd for u
actually no because the arduino doesn't have a bootload for attiny and as you are going use arduino as isp in the programmers option you don't need to bootload it
<p>Thank You! I use this a LOT. </p>
<p>your board looks better</p>
Can i reprogram attiny 85
yes you can program attiny 85 and also 44 and 84
Great. Your stripboard contains a capacitor that is not found in yr schedule. Personally I always put a capacitor of about 25-33uF between earth and reset of the UNO or Nano that I use for programming. <br>The LED is a nice addition, but it would be nice if you had put it in your schedule as well :-)
Thanks for telling I would add these things in my schedule
Hey which board did you use from the board list? <br>
Which are you talking about
I'm using arduino uno r3 and in the boards list in the IDE which option did you choose? <br>P.S.: I'm using ATtiny85 with external 8Mhz resonator .
First of all u dont need a resonator it has an in built crystal of 8 mhz and in the software it has attiny85(8 mhz) use that one .
Kay got it !

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