Picture of How to program your comcast remote
This instructable will clearly describe (unlike the Comcast manual) how to program your remote to operate a TV, DVD, Stereo, or other device.

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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
Before we begin, make sure your remote has a good set of batteries by using it to turn your cable box off and on. if this test is successful, move on.
Ive never used your site or services before and to my suprise... It worked! Ive tried the manuel 9-9-1 method to no avail and then I entered your first 5 digit code and BOOM!!! IT WORKED!! THANKS
mylene.flower2 months ago
Success,Thanks so much! I have been to numerous sites and yours was the first to have the right steps! Once again great site and thank you thank you!
DanJ13 months ago

Excellent! Couldn't get it to work with the codes, but the step by step 991 trick worked. Thanks!

I am so excited!! It took me a couple of tries, but in the end, it worked!!I thought I was destined to have to use to remote for the rest of my life
lebowski6 months ago

Super helpful!

mrbonine1 year ago
This process doesn't work with my comcast silver remote. The remote well switch my Sony str-dg720 on akready, and most remote buttons do not function, except Mute, Vol, and Ch up or down. The "fixed code" section will give me the same active buttons (bad outcome, esp. since TV/VCR button will switch to VCR and not switch back out. The semi-auto method, when followed exactly as written, causes the stereo presets to progress, rather than a search for a valid (not displayed) code. I've tried this process with the Sony on OR off, and in different source modes (tv, FM, other non-used inputs but no luck. I believe Sony receivers have several other "fixed codes" available as well. My remote went missing foir the Sony and many features cam only be accessed by remote. I've been diligently following the dog around (looking for evidence) and the cleaners don't remember putting it somewhere unusual. I'm really over the non-standardized remotes, which could easily be assigned to a standard set of codes, with unique or differently implemented commands input as is described here. The remotes, plus valueless (to me) features like DM Port which is kind of like non-standard USB + analog sound only, to connect an expensive adapter (guess who is the one company.who makes them) to allow connection to another analog source. Although, in my view, the mainline home theater components are commodities, unless they can prove more, better, easier than competitor. In order to "differentiate" and push "all BS Brand" purchses they keep playing these games. Sony seems particularly fixed on this strategy, which is anti-consumer and driven by, perhaps greed or arrogance. What was that thing called? Walkman? I have purchased a Logitech universal remote, and their hardware as always is OK, but their software and UI appear consistent with their other products. And expensive. Good enough, when buying from a manufacturer is not. Good enough is often wonderful for a good Instructable, made, hacked, or baked.The authors invite corrections and input as to other solutions, and usually ate very clear about limitations or ob- /nonob- jectives. Yet manufactures of hardware and software are rarely (often never) willing to state "no this product doesn't do that". Or they use message boards to obfuscate or worse, attempt to "manage" comments and responses.
Reffner4 years ago
 Nice.  I wish the remote had more than just "Cable" and "Aux".  I need to be able to control one more device, and I just can't do it with this remote.  I need to break down and get a good universal remote.  Thanks for this!
iPodGuy4 years ago

My remote does my box and TV automatically, but when I watch a DVD, I need to use my Comcast remote, TV remote and DVD remote to get it to work.

Hopefully this i'ble will solve that.