How to Properly "Rock On"





Introduction: How to Properly "Rock On"

Best known in the United States for its connection in the Rock and Metal scene, it can be called by a variety of terms: devil sign, devil horns, goat horns, metal horns, metal sign, throwing the goat, evil fingers, Pommesgabel (Pommes = fries, Gabel = fork), mano cornuto, peka evil, the horns, also "Rock Fist" or more simply the "Rock On" sign. This guide is to teach you the right way to "Rock On" without looking like a

Step 1: Not to Be Confused With...

This is a gesture with a vulgar meaning in Mediterranean countries and a variety of meanings and uses in other cultures. Noteworthy for those traveling outside of the Americas.

The "Rock On"sign is not to be confused with the sign for "I love you" in American Sign Language, which is made by also extending the thumb, or the shaka sign used in Hawaii, which is made by extending just the thumb and little finger.

Note the picture of the female who is attempting to show how much she "loves something" with not one, but two hands. Obviously all of her love could not contain her tongue. I suppose that heart on her chest is most appropriate.

Step 2: Learn It

Simply put the "Rock On" is realized by extending the index and little finger (pinky) while holding the middle and ring fingers down with the thumb. Please note the examples by President Bush and his daughter. Both properly rock the sign. (please attempt to contain your banter)

If you are one who believes Bush isn't rocking like a rocker please compare his flawless technique to that of its alleged creator Ronnie James Dio, who is also pictured below.

Step 3: If You Dare to GO BIG

The double fisted method is not one for the weak. Often at a show you are elbows to ankles with people pushing, shoving, straight up feeling hardcore. This is why I don't recommend the two hander but if you must, then you must. It is realized by making two fists and lining up your digits 10 in a row. Index fingers should be touching. No point your two little fingers (pinkies) up to the rock gods. Done!

Recently Ronnie James Dio (singer for Black Sabath renowned for his voice and popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in heavy metal culture) spoke out in regards to the frequent over use of the "devils horns" sign that he claims to have invented. While I wish not to get into a debate on whether or not he did in fact invent the sign I think, Ronnie has bought up a very important point. With the younger generation flashing it around every chance they get, its seems to be diminishing the impact of the metal hand gesture. "It was a symbol of darkness… not something to be passed on to BRITNEY SPEARS!" stated Ronnie.

Dio also expressed concern that incorrect technique also appears to be propagating. Back in the old days the metal sign was a very sacred symbol which was used only for special occasion but with the vagrant overuse Ronnie feels it is losing it's impact.

If you have been to see a Dio gig you will have noticed that he will wait until 2-3 songs before he breaks out the symbol, waiting for the most opportune moment where it would get maximum effect "There has to be some emotion behind it… It might sound stupid but I never once did that on stage unless it was to punctuate something that was a little more dark." Ronnie is obviously a master of the technique and I feel the younger generation should take heed of his message and consider the usage of the devils horns a bit more seriously.

Simply put: Don't try to "Rock" if you in fact don't rock. I think a good example of this is the critical nature of some instructables posters who might assume they rock, but in reality are stretching reality.

~~Please Rock Responsibly~~



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    Call it want you like but it's the symbol of the horns

    I just watched a metallica concert last night and I had to toss this up a few times. lol

    5 replies

    dude they put on a killer concert dont they, i seen 'em Nov 18, '08

    freak ya they do! one of the sickest bands to see live by far!

    definitely, dude what was awesome was that it just happened to be Kirk Hammetts birthday, and at the end they were playin Seek and Destroy, and they were like silly stringin him and throwin pies at him, they actually had to bring him a rag to clean his strings out to continue to solo lol

    hahaha dude that is SICK I wish something like that woulda happened at the concert i went to.

    yea man i couldnt believe we were lucky enough to go to that. There were these people who had a sign that said "Happy B-day Kirk", and i was thinkin they were just screwin around. then it as it turned out it really was his birthday lol

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

     You split an infinitive! Tisk Tisk!

    his best song has to be:

    One issue I must point out is that Jenna's "rock on" is more likely a UT Hook Em' horns, especially since she went to school their. Additionally Bush's may be the same, since he was the Governor of Texas, but that's not certain.

    do you know this started from people saying that was the devil stare when you point you big and pinky finger at people like 70 years ago then a singer used it for the sign rock on watch Metal: a Head bangers journey and you will see it

    1 reply

    that would be Dio...

    Gosh. All this time I thought this was "Hook 'em Horns" as in the slogan and hand signal of The University of Texas.

    Ahh, this is good. There is nothing more disheartening than being at an Ozzy concert and seeing a bajillion so-called rock fans make the "I love you" sign.

    1 reply

    i agree and people never believe it means i love u.

    I have to quibble that it is absolutely impossible to properly rock on while wearing cufflinks and tie.