How to Properly House Betta Fish @ Home





Introduction: How to Properly House Betta Fish @ Home

Betta fish are some of the most mistreated fish in the world. In this instructable i will show you how to properly care for them.

Step 1: Housing Your Betta

To give your betta a good life don't use any tank smaller than 10 litres (2.5 gallons). Bettas come from large rice paddy fields and dont like small spaces. The tank also needs to have a lid because bettas jump.

Step 2: Heating

Bettas are tropical fish and heaters are a must if you want your betta to thrive.

Many people keep bettas without heaters. These fish are prone to stress and even death because the temperature is not kept stable.

The temperature should be about 26c (78.8 f).

Step 3: Filteration

Like all fish bettas produce waste products that are harmful to them. A filter should be added to the tank to help remove these toxins. make sure the filter is very low current as a fast current makes them stressed.

Step 4: Cycling

Before adding your fish you need to do a fishless nitrogen cycle.

Read my instructable on cycling (coming soon).

for now this page will give you all the cycle info.

Step 5: Adding the Fish

1. Float the bag/container the betta is in for 15 minutes.

2. Add 1 cup of your cycled aquarium water to the bag/container.

3. Wait 10 minutes.

4. Gently net the fish into the aquarium and discard the bag/container water.

Step 6: Maintanace and Tips

# Change 25% of the water weekly with declorinated water.

# Feed a good quality betta food with over 40% protein.

# Wash the filter cartridge in old tank water monthly

# Never replace the filter cartridge even if it tells you to. The cartridge contains good bacteria.

Step 7: The End

Please comment and add suggestions. Feel free to ask a question.



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    I also have another problem, my Betta's gills are black and I'm not sure if they are suppose to be black, and I see a bit of white on his face. Any suggestions? Is this normal? I got him a few days ago from Petco (I could not find a better place, I don't like how they keep them in small bowls)


    Most betta gills are black or a light black, and the white stuff is just his face. All of this is just your fish! P.s he's very beautiful! :)

    What type of bottled water can I use for my Betta and do I have to treat it and if so with what product? Thank you, Celine

    I have the round tank with the filter tube in the middle of tank, is the water surposed to go above the tube or just below,I have it just be low and it blows the bubbles out of the top of tube

    I have a problem, my mom only allowed for a tank that was made for a Betta, I could not find the lamp for it. I am worried as I want to get a heater for it but how am I going to put it on the tank in the image. I can't get a bigger one, my mom won't allow it.


    New tank. They dont like hot sauce or busch lite ive found


    I'm so confused .. Just got a 2.5 gallon for my year old Betta who seems depressed about the change from a one gallon fish bowl .. Also , if I opted for using no filter and I'm hearing so many opinions that are all so different .. What you think ? Thanks

    My betta fish is a year old. I just today upgraded his 1 gallon tank to a 2.5 gallon and got him better quality food. He's doing well. I'm worried about the water strength of the filter. I propped his floating log against it to disperse the water more. Any tips? Also I got a heater for the new tank (old one did not support one). I'm thinking I'll turn the heater on after a few days to let the betta get used to the new environment. He's exploring quite excitedly and blowing bubbles like he used to when he was younger :). Let me know if I should be doing anything! Thanks Ryan :)

    Is my betta fish suppose to change color daily?