This will show you how to plug in, and unplug your I pod problem free at ease.

Step 1: Step 1 to Plugging in the Cord.

Plug the other end of the cord ( the longer sized one) into the i pod port by squeezing the sides of the plug and sliding it into the I pod. This should take much effort, so if it isn't going in easily you may be holding it upside down.

Step 2: Step 2 to Plugging in the Cord.

Plug in the end of the cord the ( USB) side, The end with he shorter size. Plug this into one of the ports usually located ont he side of your laptop, or at the front of you computer monitor.

Step 3: Step One to Unplugging the I Pod

Before you unplug your I pod it would be a good idea to "eject" it before removing the plug. You usually find this button located on one of the side tabs on Itunes. Click that and wait a couple seconds until your I pod says or shows it is safe to unlock

Step 4: Step 2 to Unplugging Ipod

Now it is safe to remove the cord attached to computer and Ipod/ to remove it from the Ipod pinch the sides again of the plug and pull it out. Then just quickly remove the plug connected to the computer.
I assume the purpose of this was more about the &quot;ejecting&quot; prior to removal and not literally how to plug and unplug that iPod. That being in mind, the &quot;eject&quot; and the &quot;safely remove hardware&quot; options are very important things to remember when removing all devices....except for USB devices. USB devices are hot-swappable, meaning, unless the device is actively doing something (syncing in the case of an iPod) you can unplug it as you please. <br> <br>I do have to qualify this as it seems every time I make a statement about universally agreed upon practices and features of technology, Apple goes and blows it out of the water. For all I know, the iSeries are the only USB devices that aren't hot-swappable. I wouldn't be surprised one bit.

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