This will give you a basic layout of how to strike a soccer ball so that it has power and accuracy.

Step 1: Before striking the ball.

Obviously, make sure you have proper shoes on (preferably soccer cleats) and be sure you're kicking the ball at something like a wall or a goal so you dont have to run and get it everytime.

Place your ball where you want to strike it from. Stand behind the ball so that you are facing the target that you are aiming at. Now, take about 3 steps straight backwards. If you are right foot dominated, take one step to the left. If you are left foot dominated, take a step to the right.
<p>you should kick the ball with your sholace,outerfoot,sideofthefoot sonic-boy-58</p>
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<p>this really helped.. but i already knew everything.. soccer is life... I am in Varsity in Donna High School.. 9th grade student... love soccer.</p><p>I strike the ball with the inside of my foot and it help a lot.</p>
i've always wanted to know wich part of the foot should touch the ball because back in elementary school , i used to kick with my toes but people said it was wrong so wich part of the foot should contact the ball?
Where you strike the ball and what part of your foot you strike with will depend on what type of kick you are trying. For the purpose of this kick you will want to strike the ball in the center using your laces. There are several other types of kicks which require adjustments to this basic kick.
&nbsp;You split an infinitive in the title
for football kickers 3 steps back and 1 or 2 steps left is good... but for soccer players you want to step like 5 or 6 steps back and about 2 or 3 steps to the side
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so what part of your foot is suppose to be hitting the ball? is there any other way you can hit it? I think you have to expand on everything a bit. (not that i know how to kick one perfect)
Oh I'm sorry. I forgot to make that clear. You do NOT want to use your toe. It can lead to injury and it isn't very accurate. You want to use the top of your foot. Try to swing straight through the ball. I hope that anwsers your question. If not, just say so

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