Introduction: How to Protect Sunflowers From Critters

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This is an instructable to help protect sunflowers from critters.

Step 1: Cover the Plant

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First you should cover the sunflower when it is small with the top of a soda bottle. Make sure to take the label off the bottle and take the cap off. Then push the bottle in the ground around the sunflower if that does not work you could mound up dirt around it. You should water the flower because it won't get much water from rain with the small hole. Make sure it is in tight so animals can't knock it over. Take the bottle off when the sunflower is too big for the bottle. These are some pictures of the soda bottle. One is when it is whole one is cut and one is on the ground. I did not have a sunflower so I just  put it on the ground. 

Step 2: Add a Fence

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You can use some chicken wire or something else like it to surround the sunflower. You may need to tie the wire together to make it go around the flower depending what kind of wire you use. You should stake the wire down, you could use tent stakes so it won't fall over. The first picture is an example of what you could use the second is how you could make it round. The third is how you could tie it if you need too, you should tie some more than I did because an animal will be able to get in easier than if it was tied more. The fourth is an example of a stake you could use.


Bot1398 (author)2012-12-27

It will stop bees from reaching the plant hence causing pollination not to happen

pranjal12 (author)2012-11-28

Does the bottle and the chicken wire affect the growth of the plant?
like does it stop some sunlight from reaching the palnt?
Or does it affect the passage of air?
Coz a plant needs lot of air and sunlight to germinate.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-11-27

Nice project!

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