How to Purify Urine Into Water





Introduction: How to Purify Urine Into Water

In a survival situation, it is possible to purify your urine into harmless drinking water, which could possibly save your life.

Step 1: Make the Rig

Dig a hole 2 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter, or larger.
You will want to dig this in the hottest part of the ground you can, not shade.

Step 2: Pee in Your Hole

Now, to give the soil some extra moisture, pee in it.
Once you have this up and running for real, you can take the poncho off and the container out any time you have to pee.
Might as well put it to use than peeing on a tree, dont you think?

Step 3: Put the Container in the Middle of the Hole i have to describe how to do this step?

Step 4: Place the Plastic Over the Hole

This also is pretty self-explanitory.
A side note is, it is a good idea to use some of the soil to cover the edges, thus sealing it from critters and such, and keeping it weighed down a bit on the edges.

Step 5: Place a Rock/soil in the Middle of the Poncho

Now we have to make an inverted cone shape with the poncho, so we use a rock or some soil to weigh down the middle, so the drops drip into your container.

Step 6: Wait

This process takes anywhere from a couple hours to a whole day to work well.
You won't get a full waterbottle, but you will get some, which isn't such a bad deal, concidering you dont have to put any effort into it other than building it.

Step 7: How This Works

This is called a solar still.
What happens is, the sun's heat evaporates only the pure water from the moist soil. The water vapor rises to the poncho where it condenses into water drops. After a while of this, the water drops build up and roll down the the middle of the poncho where they then fall into the container.
This gives you pure water from your urine.



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