Step 2: How to use your filter

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Gently scoop some water from a puddle or a pond with your cup, try to get as little dirt as possible into the cup. The more dirt comes along with the water the faster the filter becomes clogged and can no longer be used.

Pour the water from the pool or pond in top of your water filter, catch the water at the bottom of the filter in a clean cup.
it is best to throw away the first bit of water that comes out of your filter it often is cloudy and not that clean.

If the water that comes out of your filter is clear it is good and you can use it.

Boil the water at least 1 minute before drinking it, cooking will kill bacteria and viruses that are still present in your water.

If you put some spruce needles in the boiling water, you'll also have a tasty tea.
hbueso3 years ago
Distillation removes some contaminants, carbon filter others. I would first filter the dirty water for solids then, carbon filter it, distillation and carbon filter again. Plenty of info. on this on the internet. Research water purification methods and find which methods reduce or eliminate what chemicals and use them in conjunction with one another.
funke753 years ago
I would think you would need to boil the water longer than a minute. I thought 10 was the minimum.
elkliko (author)  funke753 years ago
Nope 1 minute will kill most bacteria and virus in you're purified water.