How to Push Start a Car





Introduction: How to Push Start a Car

If your car wont start because of your drained battery, don't worry because all you need is two or more pair of hands.... lol! This instructable applies only to manual transmission vehicles.

Step 1: Placing Gear

Put your gear on second shift (2nd gear), your left foot full step on the clutch, right foot on gas (don't step on it, just be ready. Insert the car key and be ready to start once your car is moving.

Step 2: NOW.....PUSHHHHHH!

Ask your companion, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, the cops, dogs, whoever is available to help you push your ferrari. If your alone, just hope your going downhill. Again, your gear on second shift, left foot on full clutch, right foot on gas pedal (don't step on it, just be ready). When your car starts moving at around 10kph, start the car with your car keys, step half way on the gas and full release on the clutch.

Step 3: SMOKIN!

Once your car engine starts running, obviously your done. Now you have time to go to a battery shop. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and for the comment.



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    Big Boy you can't get Filipina to take off her top to flag down extra hands in Manila.

    Nahiya Talaga!

    I usually use 1st gear, because of the kickback on the poor souls pushing.

    you wouldn't turn the key to start, you would turn it to "on" also, you don't necessarily need a new battery if it dies... One time my dad's car's battery died (Honda civic 2000 something) and I, alone, had to push it up hill, about 2% grade for two blocks. I finally got it started after it flattened out... but he didn't tell me he unplugged two of the spark plug leads.... WOOT 4 cylinder running on 2! I turned it off fixed it and had just enough power to get it to fire on the first cylinder and start. You can also pull it up to speed with another car. I've "pull started" my truck a few times in reverse. You could also get a car up to 40 this way...

    Nice, but you know you're not saving any gas that way right?(unless you unplug the injectors)


    Turning the key to "on" does help if there's enough juice in the battery to start the engine turning, but not necessarily start it up. If the engine is already turning when you let out the clutch then it means less work has to come from the wheels, you will start the engine more quickly or can start from a slower roll, and won't put as much strain on your engine and transmission.

    I did something similar when my dad's scooter wouldn't start with the electric and the kick-starter was too useless to use on its own- pressed the electric starter then kicked it, the combination of the two was enough to get it going and recharge the battery.

    Um... I'm just saying if the key is being held at start your just going to make the car stop sooner and less likely to start. Something about propetual energy....


    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "propetual energy", but I'm pretty sure using the electric starter will help out. Think about it- you are trying to use the car's momentum to start the engine turning at a certain speed (above which it will fire and keep itself going), and if you start the job by using the starter then less energy will have to come from slowing the car down. You are effectively sharing the job of starting the engine between the battery and the car's momentum, so neither has to do the full job. If by propetual energy you meant "perpetual motion" or "free energy", then I'm not quite sure how it applies to this situation, but anyway I don't see how using the battery to turn the engine over will make you stop sooner.

    I forgot to factor in that there might be SOME charge left in the battery, Usually when I do it its completely toast. And by doing so you would be turning mechanical energy from the moving car into electric energy back into mechanical to turn the engine. It was just a brain fart, my bad. I forgot to think about it at every angle. I wasn't thinking about "free energy" I was thinking about using a motor to turn a generator that powers the motor. And I forgot to click "check spelling" Can we leave it at "TWW has both a PEBCAK and ID10T error"?


    Actually that's a very good point, if the battery is completely dead then I guess the alternator will be trying to charge it- that's the angle I'd forgotten to look from.

    Also you're completely right, using a motor to turn a generator that powers the motor is impossible. How it affects this case ultimately depends on how the battery charger works, I suspect.

    You win biscuits for the use of "PEBCAK error" :)

    i had to start my car in reverse from a hill and it worked