How to Put Bluray HD on Regular DVDs - Short Film Tutorial





Introduction: How to Put Bluray HD on Regular DVDs - Short Film Tutorial

Tutorial showing how to put a High Definition Short film on a regular DVD that can be played on a Blu-ray player using Sony Vegas 8 and Nero 8



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You need a blu-ray software like Macgo Blu-ray Player.


You should give a program called DVDFab a try. You'll need the Bluray to Bluray version. If you give it a shot, I recommend ripping the Bluray disc to your hard drive using its full disc mode before you proceed. From there, open up the folder you just ripped in Blu-ray main movie mode. You're going to want to select BD-9 for 1080p content as it won't compress 1080p discs to a BD-5 without scaling the video to 720p. It rips mpeg4 content perfectly and will even reencode uncompressed HD audio to AC3 audio. They play perfectly fine on a Playstation 3.

After doing this, I generally use imgburn to burn the disc, but if you've had good luck with Nero, of course, then use that.

Why not simply burn the disc with DVDFab,or do you have some version that won't allow burning of BluRay discs?